LPA Photographers / Liz McBurney / EasyJet Magazine

August 27, 2015

LPA Photographer Liz McBurney continues her stellar work for Ink Global travel media with this shoot for EasyJet Traveller in-flight magazine.

Shot for a special food-themed September issue, Liz created sculptures out of raw vegetables. Liz’s eye for colour is distinct and always imaginative – we love how she’s used a limited colour palette to maximum effect in each of these shots, serving to highlight her magnificent attention to detail.

Fleur De Lys_0974© Liz McBurney


© Liz McBurney

Lt Green 1127

© Liz McBurney


© Liz McBurney


© Liz McBurney

LPA Photographers / Nick David / Freed of London

August 26, 2015

LPA Photographer Nick David recently completed this fascinating documentary short in collaboration with Jack Flynn.

The film takes us inside Hackney’s Freed Factory that hand-makes the classic pointe shoe for some of the biggest names in ballet. United by an interest in telling stories through photography and film, Nick and Jack set about documenting the manufacturing process but soon found it to be the stories of the employees that were most interesting. Combining the two makes for an equally beautiful and engaging insight into this specialist craft and the people involved.

“The contrast between ballet and the factory floor was really obvious yet we saw a real connection with the sheer physicality of both disciplines. It’s always a privilege to be allowed into other peoples lives and hopefully we managed to capture a bit of the Freed story.” – Nick David & Jack Flynn.

The film was also deservedly featured on It’s Nice That, which you can find here.

© Nick David & Jack Flynn


© Nick David


© Nick David


© Nick David


© Nick David


© Nick David


© Nick David

LPA In Focus / Portrait Photography

August 25, 2015


LPA Photographers / Holly Pickering / Raw Ingredients

August 21, 2015

LPA Photographer Holly Pickering recently shot this lovely personal series of raw fruit and veg produce.

Shooting delicious fresh ingredients such as kumquats, parsley and rainbow chard, Holly has captured the intense colours beautifully against the rustic surfaces – very appropriate for this transition from summer to autumn!

RAWVEG 6© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering

LPA Photographers / Julian Love / The Production Factory / Costa

August 19, 2015

LPA Photographer Julian Love was recently commissioned by the lovely team at The Production Factory to shoot for Costa.

Shooting at the Costa Roastery in Lambeth, Julian had access to the incredible machinery where the coffee beans are roast and ground, ready to be shipped out across the country. Julian worked with Creative Laura Muse from Creature of London to capture the Costa HQ in his trademark style of saturated colours and cinematic compositions. Beautiful work.

© Julian Love

© Julian Love

© Julian Love

© Julian Love

LPA Futures 2015 / Update

August 18, 2015


LPA Photographers / Andy Smith / Road Trip

August 17, 2015

LPA photographer Andy Smith has spent the summer in Spain shooting lots of great new personal work.

One of several fab new personal projects shot in sunny Spain, Andy’s fresh, almost luminous images capture the carefree abandon of a summer road trip with friends. Lovely work!

Andy_Smith_300515_481© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith

5 Minutes With… / Farid Haddad / BMA Models

August 14, 2015

This month we spent 5 minutes catching up with Farid Haddad, who runs BMA Models along with his brother Alex Haddad, mother Lynn Campbell-Walter and founder David Charman. BMA are well known for their diversity and range of talent, so we thought who better to give us the insider scoop on the modelling industry!

Farid Haddad (Managing Director)

Can you tell us a bit about BMA Models?

BMA Models is one of London’s leading commercial and fashion agencies. BMA began life in 1982 in a tiny house just outside London with just 5 models. David Charman (founder) was the maverick model agent with an eye for diversity. David’s initiative was to launch the first UK modeling agency to represent a wide diversity of models and characters from child models to grandparents. BMA was the first UK agency to book and market models of all nationalities, ethnicities and ages directly to clients & soon became the UK’s leading modeling agency.

As the leading model agency in London, BMA’s models continue to grace the covers of magazines, advertising campaigns, TV commercials, and fashion shows in the UK and around the world. BMA Models head office is based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire and now has offices around the world including South Kensington, London & Beirut, Lebanon.

You’re known as a ‘one-stop modelling agency’, can you tell us a little bit about your divisions?

The diversity and range of models includes over 1000 models within the following divisions – Female Models, Male Models, Classic Models (over 35’s models), Character Models (Real People), Youngstars (Babies, Toddlers & Teenage Models), Parts Models (Hands, Legs & Foot Models), Curve Models, Mum’s to be Models (Pregnant Models), Sports Models (Lingerie & Swimwear Models), Family Models, Twins & Triplets, Stylists and Hair & Makeup Artists.

bma2© Suzie Howell / Some of the BMA team and models at our LPA Futures launch party

How did you get into the modelling industry?

Myself & my brother (Alex Haddad) started working at BMA Models in 2008 after studying and working in many different industries all over the world from New York and Dubai to Beirut.

Inspired by our mother a former FM Model and company Director we decided to join the agency. We literally stormed on to the scene and revolutionized the agency developing BMA to be one of the largest agencies in the UK. As a result, 2013 saw the launch of BMA Artists which was set up to run alongside the model agency to source & market the UK’s top actors, actresses and performing artists. This year we launched our Influencer department & our DJ departments. We also not have a roster of celebrities & provide personal management services.

Together we have diversified the business over the years to become one of the most prestigious agencies in the world.

If you weren’t running a modelling agency, what would you be doing?

Running another family business in Beirut; a 24,000 sqm country club & leisure centre.

What would a typical day as a model agent involve? 

Too much. We are constantly surprised every day with new things. It’s an ever changing & evolving job. Always too much to do.


What are the best and worst things about running a modelling agency?

The best thing would be helping people achieve their dream & goals. The worst is seeing people fail & not being able to do anything about it.

What advice would you have for any aspiring models wanting to get signed with BMA?

Understand how the industry works & do your research. Make sure this is truly what you want to do.

You represent both commercial and fashion models – how would you describe the difference between the two looks?

Commercial models generally don’t have height or size restrictions, whereas the fashion industry is very particular about height, size & look.

What does it take to be a successful model, aside from the right look?

Professionalism, perseverance, personality & faith in one’s self.


Some agencies have a bad reputation when it comes to promoting a negative body image. What’s your stance on this?

We promote models of all shapes, size, colors & looks. We are all different in this world but we are all equal.

What’s the most unusual thing a BMA model has been asked to do on a shoot?

A model had to put a rat on his privates!

Thanks Farid!


LPA Futures / Fay Elizabeth Harpham / Watches

August 13, 2015

LPA Futures Fay Elizabeth Harpham recently shot this brilliant kaleidoscopic personal series of watches.

It was Fay’s monochromatic still life images which won the LPA Futures judges over, but this series certainly proves that she can work equally skillfully with bright colours and patterns. Fun and technically brilliant as always, we love this series!


© Fay Elizabeth Harpham


© Fay Elizabeth Harpham


© Fay Elizabeth Harpham


© Fay Elizabeth Harpham

LPA Photographers / Holly Pickering / Americana

August 11, 2015

Earlier in the summer LPA Photographer Holly Pickering worked on this great personal project, shooting some tasty diner style American food.

Full of a rustic Americana vibe, Holly shot burgers, pancakes and ice cream in her trademark natural style with vintage props and creative arrangements. Definitely want that sandwich to get us through the afternoon!

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

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