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April 15, 2014


LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / GMC

April 15, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison recently worked with the GMC (General Medical Council) to shoot these candid and sensitive images.

Patrick’s easy going and warm character makes him perfect for this kind of shoot, getting the best out of models both old and young. LPA Style’s Alice Timms provided the props and styling and make-up artist Claire Louise ensured that all models looked their best on set.

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

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LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Cocktails

April 14, 2014

LPA Futures photographer Holly Pickering makes our mouths water yet again with these delectable cocktail images.

In time for Easter celebrations these summery shots are part of a test shoot Holly did to try out some new props. We love the combination of tangy lemon flavours with the sweeter cherry tastes of the second cocktail. Holly’s control of colour, light and perspective brings a real depth to the images and shows her gift for capturing props and drink in original and beautiful ways.


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering (more…)

LPA Style / Alice Timms / Kite Eyewear

April 11, 2014

LPA Style’s Alice Timms recently collaborated with photographer Jon Enoch on this modern and fresh fashion shoot for new eyewear brand, Kite.

Shot around Shoreditch, including The Book Club, Alice brought her creative eye to both the advertising campaign images and staff uniforms for the new flagship store in Westfield Stratford. We love the summery feel of these images and fashion forward approach which Alice brings to every shoot. Take a look at this great article on Design Week to read about the Kite brand and to see some more of Alice’s images.

© Jon Enoch

© Jon Enoch

© Jon Enoch

© Jon Enoch

LPA Photographers / Rowan Fee / Audi

April 10, 2014

LPA Photographer Rowan Fee captures the soft, ambient glow of the new Plumen 002 bulb in this shoot for Audi Magazine.

Designed by Hulger, and inspired by British sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, this both energy saving and aesthetically pleasing lightbulb takes the old traditional bulb to a new level! Rowan’s talent with product photography shines through yet again!


© Rowan Fee


© Rowan Fee


© Rowan Fee

LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Coochie Hart / Specsavers

April 9, 2014

LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison was recently commissioned by Coochie Hart to shoot this playful campaign for Specsavers, advertising their new offer on children’s glasses.

Produced by Jonathon at LPA, styled by the excellent LPA Style Alice Timms, and with grooming by LPA Style Claire Louise, the shoot was an all round team success! We also got our recent Student Challenges winner for Challenge Number One, 2013/14, Jamie Mellor, involved as Production Assistant. We spotted the advert in print in a copy of The Sun last week, always great to see the pay off for hard work! Kerry succeeded yet again in bringing out the best in his young models!


Sienna Rose White represented by Top Talent models © Kerry Harrison


Charlie Yhap represented by BMA Models © Kerry Harrison

LPA In Focus / Food & Drink Photography

April 8, 2014


LPA Futures / Gerwyn Davies / Eastern Beauty

April 8, 2014

LPA Futures photographer Gerwyn Davies shows his dexterity for creating props and working with elegant design with this latest fashion shoot for a local make up artist.

The stunning make up is courtesy of artist Lucille Korponay and the images were comped together with the Oriental background to create the exotic and colourful feel of the shoot. We love the glamorous and romantic ambience, makes us want to travel to eastern climes!


© Gerwyn Davies


© Gerwyn Davies


© Gerwyn Davies (more…)

LPA Moving Image / Nick Daly / Carillion

April 7, 2014

LPA Photographer Nick Daly shot the campaign ‘Lifeguards’ for leading support service company ‘Carillion’, which works across markets such as construction, engineering, education, health and government.

Below is a short behind the scenes film shot during ‘Lifeguards’ where the motto is for every staff member to be responsible for site safety and reporting unsafe procedures. Nick regularly shoots for Carillion, and these images in particular showcase Nick’s great people skills and appreciation for colour.


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly (more…)

LPA Portfolio Reviews

April 4, 2014

Would you like an honest appraisal of your photography and photography ‘brand’ by one of the industry’s leading experts? Each month Lisa Pritchard, founder of LPA, offers a limited amount of one to one sessions at the LPA HQ in central London.

Being a photographer can sometimes feel a bit insular and although you might get regular comments and advice about your work, sometimes its difficult to know which to take on board and which to take with a pinch of salt. Lisa can offer you some unbiased, no nonsense feed back based on years of experience. So, whether you’d just like a one hour general review, a serious editing job on your website, or a full brand and marketing overhaul now’s your chance. Please email hello@lisapritchard.com for a full menu, price list and availability.

“I set up LPA Portfolio Reviews nearly a year ago as a result of a huge demand from photographers of all levels asking if they could pop in for a chat about their work. I can only spare a certain amount of time but I thought it would be a good idea to set aside some time each month and offer formal review sessions. It’s often much easier for me to be subjective , identify weak ( and strong!) areas and give photographers a firm nudge in the right direction. I really enjoy the sessions and meeting so many different types of photographers, and the feedback about how useful the sessions are makes it even more rewarding”

Here’s what a few happy punters had to say…

Louise Adby

“I was so excited to discover that LPA offered portfolio reviews – I felt I really needed a honest review of my work, and with LPA representing some of the best lifestyle photographers in the industry I knew that Lisa would be able to help me move forward with my business. My meeting with Lisa couldn’t have been more inspirational and really helped with building my confidence to promote myself. I am currently in the process of getting my first printed portfolio assembled and I really can’t wait to start marketing myself more effectively. Thank you so much for your honest opinion and making me feel excited about my work. I will definitely be booking more reviews in the future.”



‘Outside St Paul’s Cathedral London, for Pure Student Living’ © Louise Adby

Nathan Gallagher

“A visit to Lisa Pritchard Agency was exactly what I needed to help me progress as a photographer. I found their knowledge and experience invaluable and would recommend their service to anyone looking to take a photographic business forward. Nice biscuits too.”



‘Charlotte Bradbury, Loughborough for Lloyds Banking Group’ © Nathan Gallagher (more…)

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