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Ask an Agent / Getting Your Personality Across

March 30, 2015

Ask an Agent is a regular monthly column tackling all your dilemmas about the photography industry – the photography industry’s first Agony Aunt!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask a photographers agent please send them to Questions can be on anything to do with the photography business, such as photoshoots, marketing, professional practice, pricing, contracts, legal stuff – anything!


For this month’s Ask an Agent we have a question from a photographer on face to face meetings and how to get your personality across if you can’t get to actually meet people.

Dear Ask an Agent,

Buyers are happy (at least most) for me to send my book over for them to show the creative team but I’d like go a step further and try and get some face to face meetings without a job being necessary being involved. Do you think busy buyers are likely to take the time for this? I’m thinking not in which case how might a photographer sell his personality along with is work?

Simon Plant, Simon Plant Photographic Productions

Hi Simon,

If your work is strong enough and relevant, I would say a wholehearted yes that buyers will take time to meet you. It is an important part of their job.

Art directors and designers (the creatives) in particular like to meet photographers. If they like the work and think they can use it, they usually want to find out more about the person who created the images, the inspiration behind them and also see if they can get on with the photographer on a shoot. If a project reaches a stage where photography needs to commissioned, reassurance that the photographer of their choice will be a helpful part of the team in bringing their ideas alive and a good collaborator is just as important as shooting great images. And so you can see why they think meeting photographers is important as well as just being aware of the work.

Having said that, I won’t pretend it’s easy or that you’ll be able to book a meeting with every email or phone call. Here at LPA we try and see a certain amount of people a month, some days we can make several appointments and some we might make 20 phone calls and get nowhere. So be persistent, perhaps email some relevant images a few days before, send a great mailshot, try and grab their attention before you try and arrange the face-to- face. When you do speak to an art buyer, designer or art director it will help if you get to the point and immediately come across as someone that might benefit them, as opposed to the other way round.

And finally to answer your second point, how might a photographer sell his personality along with his work? You don’t necessarily need a face-to-face meeting to get your personality across. A photographer’s brand is their personality and should come across in all communication touch points. Social media can certainly give you a voice.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 16.22.05

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 16.28.49


As can a printed promo, the tone of voice in a newsletter and the words you choose to describe your self on your website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 16.24.11


Being consistent in your marketing messages will help get your personality across and will also hopefully help you nail some of those face-to-face meetings!

Please Note:

We reserve the right not to enter into ongoing correspondence.

We reserve the right not to answer all questions.

Please state whether you would like to remain anonymous.

This advice should be taken as a guide only.

Lisa Pritchard, LPA and guest bloggers take no responsibility for any omissions or errors.

Please seek professional legal advice should you require it.

LPA Futures / Final Judging Night

March 27, 2015

Last week we held the live judging of LPA Futures 2015 here in our fantastic studio space in Camden.

After a heated debate from the judges, we came to a final decision on the five photographers who will be joining the LPA Futures roster. The winners are still top secret until our launch party but we wanted to give you an insight into the judging process. The lovely team from Metro Imaging were there on hand to capture the event and produced a fantastic video for us.

To recap, the judges of this year’s competition were -

  • * Mike Bone / Owner & Founder / Mike Bone Design
  • * Tony Connor / Creative Director / Bulletproof
  • * Amanda G / Owner & Founder / Coochie-Hart
  • * Patrick Harrison / Commercial Photographer / LPA
  • * Kathy Howes / Senior Creative Producer & Art Buyer / Proximity
  • * Daniel Moorey / Head of Print / adam&eveDDB
  • * Lisa Pritchard / Owner & Founder / LPA 

In addition to representation with LPA for two years as part of the Futures programme, the five winners will receive the following great prizes from our generous sponsors -

The standards of entries was incredibly high across the board and it was a hard decision for everyone involved. Stay tuned to our website and blog to see the winners announced in May! Thanks again to Alice and Kate from Metro for the fabulous video!


5 Minutes With… / Emma Boyns / Student Challenge Winner

March 26, 2015

This month we spent 5 minutes catching up with the winner of the LPA Student Challenges 2014-2015 final round – Emma Boyns. Emma – who is in her final year at the University of Gloucestershire studying Editorial and Advertising Photography - wins some amazing prizes including her own bespoke portfolio by the brilliant Delta Design with prints by Metro Imaging, as well as representation with LPA Futures for two years. Here’s what she had to say about the experience…

Emma Boyns

Congratulations on winning the LPA Student Challenges grand final! You’ve secured your place as one of the next group of LPA Futures photographers – how does it feel?

It feels great! I wanted to stay positive after entering but totally didn’t expect to win so it was a lovely surprise.

What are you looking forward to most about being a part of the LPA roster?

I think being part of a group of people whom I have looked up to and whose clients and work I really admire; Sam Stowell, Charlotte Tolhurst, Rowan Fee and others have really inspired my work.

For the final round you were asked by Richard Brim & Daniel Moorey of Adam&EveDDB to interpret the creative copy ‘Love it or Hate it’. What were your initial thoughts and how did you approach the brief?

This is actually a brief that I was set at university for one module, which all of us hated at the time so there was a bit of a joke about that at first! But I approached it in a completely different way and chose not to over complicate it, focusing on the one, simple theme of liquorice and how to create a striking series based around that narrative.

Emma Boyns Liquorice 1

© Emma Boyns – Student Challenge Number Three submission

What made you want to pursue a career as a food photographer?

I’ve always loved cooking and baking and have found both to be very therapeutic, so the movement towards this genre happened entirely naturally for me; at first I didn’t even realise I was photographing everything I was making, and it soon became second nature. I don’t think I’d have the time to invest in a different subject, as food really is my passion and is constantly on my mind.

How would you describe your photographic style?

I would describe it as fairly delicate, almost fragile sometimes. Although that may seem to contrast with my more conceptual, graphic images, I feel that a simplistic, minimalist theme runs through most of my work and the way I style shots often makes them quite feminine and dainty.


© Emma Boyns

Where do you look for inspiration – any favourite photographers, websites or blogs?

I am a huge fan of food blogs, which were the main focus of my dissertation. I admire the ability that bloggers such as Linda Lomelino and Izy Hossack have to cook, bake, write and photograph so beautifully. I also love cookbooks such as Nigel Slater’s Tender and Katie Quinn Davies’ What Katie Ate, and photographers such as Jean Cazals, Jonathan Gregson and Mowie Kay have been really inspirational for me.

 If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?

I have a big interest in psychology, which was my intended path while I was at sixth form, so perhaps something down that line. But I always think I’d find it hard to resist a food-based career, so you’d probably be more likely to find me in a little family-run bakery or restaurant.


© Emma Boyns

Your work impressed the judges in Student Challenge Number Two as well as the final round, what advice would you have for students wanting to enter the competition next year?

I think it would be to enter images that are strong rather than images that you ‘like.’ Don’t become too attached to an image because of the setting or context in which it was taken or the sentimental value it has to you – remember that the judges can only see the photographic merit and not these personal elements.

Thanks Emma!

LPA Student Challenges / Challenge Three – Final Round / Winner Announced!

March 26, 2015


LPA In Focus / Still Life Photography

March 24, 2015


LPA Photographers / Rowan Fee / FHM

March 24, 2015

LPA Photographer Rowan Fee recently shot this dynamic series depicting gardening and the outdoors!

Shot for FHM Collections magazine, Rowan’s crisp and vivid lighting draws us in once again, showing off his skills in the studio. The products are given a beautiful ambient glow, and his playful compositions present the products in a fresh way. Lovely work as always!


© Rowan Fee

RFee_FHM_Gardening_Flask© Rowan Fee


© Rowan Fee


© Rowan Fee

RFee_FHM_Screencopy© Rowan Fee

LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Another Production / 101 London / Wagamama

March 20, 2015

LPA Futures photographer Holly Pickering was recently commissioned by Another Production and 101 London to shoot for Wagamama restaurants to promote their new store openings.

Holly was asked to capture the all things Wagamama, photographing the restaurant interiors, equipment and people at work. Adept at shooting both food and interiors, Holly has captured the vibrancy and offbeat energy of Wagamama – Japanese for ‘naughty child’ – perfectly. We love the results and it’s great to see Holly continuing to go from strength to strength!


© Holly Pickering



© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering

LPA Photographers / Julian Love / Hunter Design / Berkeley

March 3, 2015

LPA Photographer Julian Love was recently commissioned by residential development giant Berkeley (North East London) and project managed by Hunter Design to shoot for Berkeley’s brand new development, 250 City Road.

The crew visited some top spots around Shoreditch, capturing a mixture of lifestyle shots and portraits of local artisans. Enlisting the talents of stylist Charlie Cave and hair and make-up artist Claire Portman, the final shots look flawless.

The images look fantastic and we really enjoyed working with everyone at Hunter Design!


© Julian Love


© Julian Love


© Julian Love


© Julian Love


© Julian Love


© Julian Love


© Julian Love


© Julian Love

Ask an Agent / What’s a Chemistry Meeting?

March 2, 2015

Ask an Agent is a regular monthly column tackling all your dilemmas about the photography industry – the photography industry’s first Agony Aunt!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask a photographers agent please send them to askanagent@lisapritchard.comQuestions can be on anything to do with the photography business, such as photoshoots, marketing, professional practice, pricing, contracts, legal stuff – anything!


© Andy Smith / Cassie at LPA

Dear Ask an Agent,

I recently quoted for a shoot for an ad campaign and have now been asked to go into the ad agency for a chemistry meeting. I wondered if you could tell me what this is it and what they will be expecting from me?

Andrew Sullivan, Photographer


Culture Corner / What’s On / Spring

February 26, 2015

Our regular feature Culture Corner is back for Spring! Whether you’re in London or further afield, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to see and do this month…

Drawn by Light / Science Museusm
Sam: ‘The latest show to be held at the Science Museum’s Media Space is a must-see for anyone with an interest in the history of photography. Drawn by Light contains 200 fascinating treasures from the Royal Photographic Society, exploring the early experiments and structures that paved the way for something we all take for granted today. Visitors can see some of the earliest known photographic images such as Nicéphore Niépce’s heliographs, alongside work by some of the most influential contemporary photographers such as Martin Parr and Don McCullin.’ Drawn by Light will run until 1 March when it will move to the National Media Museum, Bradford 20 march – 21 June 2015.

 Insect wings, c.1840. William Henry Fox Talbot  ∏ National Media Museum  SSPL

William Henry Fox Talbot
Insect Wings, c.1840
© National Media Museum, Bradford / SSPL

Lynda Benglis / Hepworth Wakefield
Tom: ‘
Near my hometown of Leeds is the fantastic Hepworth Wakefield. As well as viewing the work of local born artist Barbara Hepworth, the current retrospective of Lynda Benglis is a must see if you’re up North. An undeniable icon of the feminist movement in the States, Benglis’ work spans everything from sculpture to photography, painting to ceramics and all points in between. Playing with her materials and their perceived qualities, the artist challenges perception and the way we look at sculpture as a static art form. Lynda Benglis at the Hepworth Wakefield runs until July 1st.

Picture 175

© Lynda Benglis
Raptor, 1995-96
Image: Courtesy the artist and Cheim & Read, New York

#IPHONEONLY: Julian Calverley / Snug Gallery
Cassie: LPA photographer Julian Calverley is soon to be exhibiting at Snug Gallery in the charming town of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Just over the hill from my hometown of Holmfirth, I’m planning to drop in when passing by and I’m really hoping to catch him between 28 – 29th March when he will be holding informal talks and Q&A sessions. I like the parallel in Julian’s painterly landscape images being displayed in the picturesque Pennine town, which I think has such stunning landscapes of it’s own. Of course my main draw is the use of the camera phone to capture these beautiful images, which are equally as atmospheric as his signature large-scale landscapes. It’s rare that a photograph allows you to take a breath of fresh air yet Julian achieves it with each picture.

© Julian Calverley

Rubens and his Legacy / Royal Academy of Arts
Lisa:I’m looking forward to seeing Rubens and his Legacy at the Royal Academy of Arts this month. Divided into six themes, the show sees his own masterpieces sitting alongside those of the many artists he influenced, from Picasso to Rembrandt. It looks to be a fascinating exhibition that demonstrates Rubens’ range and influence across art from the 17th century up to the present day.’


© Peter Paul Rubens
Nudes of the world: Rubens’s Venus Frigida, 1614 / Picture: Lukas-Art in Flanders

Christian Marclay / White Cube
Jonathon: ‘Best known for The Clock, his twenty four hour video the Guardian described as “a masterpiece of our times”, Christian Marclay is back at White Cube. This time he is showing at the cavernous Bermondsey branch with a multi-disciplinary show involving everything from video projections, animations and paintings to a series of collaborative performances with contemporary musicians. One of the main themes is booze and with Pub Crawl, Marclay documents his early morning weekend strolls through Shoreditch with a collection of half empty pint glasses, wine glasses and cans of lager. This show is in no way similar to The Clock but it’s already been billed as the show of the year by journalists.’ Christian Marclay is at White Cube Bermondsey until April 12.

Christian Marclay Solo Exhibition White Cube Bermondsey 28 January - 12 April 2015 (medium res) 5.jpg

© Christian Marclay
Onomatopoeic: An installation shot of Christian Marclay’s ‘Surround Sounds’ at White Cube gallery Photo: White Cube

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