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LPA Photographers / Rowan Fee / Foot Locker / Nike Juvenate

May 22, 2015

LPA Photographer Rowan Fee recently shot this eye-catching still life image for Foot Locker and Nike.

Using soft monochrome fabric as a backdrop to promote the comfort and style of the Juvenate trainer, Rowan shot in our adjacent studio space which was great as we could be on hand throughout! Brilliant work as always.


© Rowan Fee

Lisa Interviewed by Production Paradise

May 20, 2015

This month Lisa was asked by the lovely folk at Production Paradise to answer some questions about running LPA. Read on for the interview in full…

“Lisa Pritchard owns one of the UK´s leading photographers’ agents and when you think of any major brand name, chances are that her agency LPA, has shot for them. Over the years the agency has developed its representation to stylists and hair and makeup artists, it has its own production department and also created “Futures”, a platform that enables emerging photographers to start their career. Furthermore Lisa Pritchard is not only a successful businesswoman, but she also is a writer, who encourages photographers how to develop their careers. Lisa kindly took time out of her busy schedule to talk with us about the challenges of running her agency.

Lisa Pritchard Agency

Production Paradise: What can you tell us about Lisa Pritchard Agency, it’s past, present and future?

Lisa Pritchard: I set up Lisa Pritchard Agency (LPA) 13 years ago, representing a handful of photographers to advertising and design agencies, several of which we still represent today. At the time I had been representing photographers for nearly 10 years through other companies.

LPA have always been known for representing lifestyle and people photographers, but we also represent food and drink, interiors, car, landscape and still life photographers. Between them, our photographers have shot for a huge variety of brands and business, from global super powers and household names to small start ups and charities.

Over the years the agency has grown to incorporate several divisions including representing 15 established commercial photographers; we are also well known for representing emerging talent in our division LPA Futures; we run a busy shoot production department, LPA Production, and organise shoots for many photographers, not just the ones we represent; LPA offers a couple of very useful and unique services to photographers without agents – LPA Pop Up Agent, where we negotiate fees, budgets and contracts and can oversee the whole shoot process as if we were the agent as well as the producer plus LPA Portfolio Reviews, which can vary from an hours honest appraisal to a full creative and marketing consultation over several sessions; and LPA Style is our division that represents stylists and hair and make-up artists. So we are a bit of a one stop shop for all your photography needs!

We have recently moved to an amazing new space, a deconsecrated church in Camden, London. ( ) There are 2 photography studios, a large kitchen, styling area and a shower/changing room. So it’s been great to hold our castings and a lot of our studio shoots on site.

The future? We will continue to work with lots of talented photographers and agency creatives, produce plenty of exciting shoots, discover and support new artists and develop the more recently established divisions like Pop Up Agent.

I have also just finished writing my second book ‘Running A Successful Photography Business’ which Bloomsbury Publishing asked me to write following the success of ‘Setting Up A Successful Photography Business’, that was my first book and it’s actually become the best selling book in the UK on the business of photography. (available on Amazon and all good book shops!)

Both books explore how to make a successful living as a photographer and include all areas of the photography industry, from advertising to fine art, weddings to fashion, events to celebrity portraits. They also include interviews from photographers in these different areas, so it’s been fascinating to discover other niches of the industry work.

Oh… and we are collaborating with a TV production company on a Channel 4 documentary – so watch this space.

Production Paradise: What are some of your talents’ recent campaigns, which are stand-out for you?

Lisa Pritchard: There’s been lots of interesting ones recently including Coca Cola, John Lewis, Aston Martin, Samsung, Nike and First Great Western, we’ve been very lucky. It’s difficult to choose just a handful, and you can see all our recent work on the LPA blog.

I’ve picked these as the selected photographers have really captured the brand spirit- but I guess that’s why they were commissioned in the first place!

Nick David has been shooting more great work for Nationwide in his signature candid style. This recent shoot was on location in the Breacon Beacons with Nick briefed to capture a weekend away in the blustery terrain. LPA Style’s Claire Portman was on hand for grooming too – a tricky job with all that wind!

© Nick David

© Nick David / Nationwide

Julian Love shot a fabulous set of images recently for residential development giant Berkeley. He visited some top locations around Shoreditch, capturing a mixture of lifestyle shots and portraits of the locals, styling was by LPA Style’s Charlie Cave.The client was initially inspired by Julian’s personal project ‘Handmade London’ which showcases London’s expanding artisan scene.

© Julian Love

© Julian Love / Berkely

Julian Calverley has just come back from the Faroe Islands shooting the new Land Rover Discovery Sport. The team braved wet and windy weather which happened to suit the brief perfectly as it called for wild and dramatic scenery. Julian is accustomed to shooting in adverse weather conditions and remote landscapes, so he was the perfect man for the job!

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley / Land Rover

And Patrick Harrison continues to shoot lovely work for Cancer Research UK. He travels all over the country, shooting real patients and capturing a series of inspiring and sensitive portraits for the charity.

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison / CRUK

Production Paradise: Could you share with us your thoughts on some of the biggest challenges you face when running such a successful and busy agency?

Lisa Pritchard: On the agent side of things, we choose our talent carefully to fit in with LPA; we have to love their work, think we’ll like working with them and the work needs to be right for our clients. It is actually rare that it doesn’t work out with the photographers we choose to represent, but when it doesn’t that can be disappointing. It can also frustrating to sometimes see incredible talent not being as busy as we feel they should. Sometimes this can just be down to their genre or style of work not being quite commercial enough and occasionally it can be down to the photographers attitude and efforts, it’s a very competitive market so all the boxes need to be ticked.

Shoot production can be a minefield and takes careful planning to ensure everything runs smoothly. Having said that we are extremely experienced so ‘touch wood’ we don’t generally find ourselves too far out of our comfort zones. Working with clients who haven’t dealt with many shoots can be challenging as they sometimes have unrealistic expectations, both on budget and timings, but then it’s part of our job to guide and advise them, flag up potential hazards and suggest solutions.

I have to say the biggest challenge I’ve ever had to deal with since I set up agency , was getting British Telecom to install our new phone lines when we moved office at the end of last year! A disgraceful catalogue of errors on their part that went on for 6 months. And I’m not afraid to name and shame!

Generally though it’s a great business to be in. No two days are the same. It’s fantastic to work on so many great briefs and with so many (mostly!) nice, creative people. It’s also really enjoyable seeing the whole shoot process through from recommending a photographer to seeing the final campaign. And it’s really great to be such an integral part of developing photographers careers, not to mention spending so much time looking at fantastic images. Although I say it myself, I think I’m pretty good at selecting and investing in good staff, and LPA is a fun place to work, with a real team spirit and plenty of opportunities, so personally I also enjoy that side of things – working with the LPA team. In fact when things do become a bit challenging, having 5 supportive people behind you makes it so much easier to cope.

Production Paradise: You offer a great opportunity to UK photographic students with your “Student Challenges”, and you also have “Futures” that enables emerging commercial photographers to be promoted; what’s the story behind these innovative ideas?

Lisa Pritchard: Thanks, yes both initiatives are incredibly popular and rewarding. Futures was set up in 2007 as a platform to kick start the careers of emerging photographers. At first we sourced the photographers from assistants awards and the like, then in 2009 we started to make more of a big deal about it and now run it as a structured biennial national competition. Basically, we select a panel of influential industry experts to select 5 photographers to be represented for a 2 year period, the panel is usually made up of creative directors, designers, art buyers, an LPA photographer and myself. Aside from winning an agent, the 5 selected photographers get loads of other useful prizes to kick start their careers, kindly donated by our generous sponsors; this year the prizes include a bespoke folio case by Cathy Roberts/Delta Design, exhibition prints by Metro Imaging and a discount off folio prints, lighting hire, studio hire and a workshop from Direct Photographic, legal advice from Swan Turton, Insurance from Williamson & Carson/Chubb, and post production from The Forge.

We also had a launch party (last night actually!) to unveil the winners and thank the judges and sponsors, which we hosted at our new studio space. The party was sponsored by The Duppy Share, a premium rum company who also set up a cool bar and served cocktails and BMA Models also sponsored the party this year. It was a fantastic success, lots of people and the exhibition looks fab.

© Suzie Howell

LPA Futures Launch Party

Advertising and design agencies love our Futures division as it gives them the chance to work with newly discovered photographers but with the safety net of a well known, established agent behind them. One of our most successful LPA Futures photographers from the 2013-2015 roster was Holly Pickering, who shoots food, interiors and people. She has shot campaigns for Wagamama, Lurpak, Marriott Hotels and Weightwatchers since she was ‘discovered’ 2 years ago. So we have now taken her on to our main roster.

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering / Wagamama

Student Challenges is another competition we run to find the next generation of photography talent from the UK’s photography students. We set a series of 3 photo challenges every year between October and February, and the prizes are really useful experience days. The experience days this year included the LPA Photoshoot Experience, a day at a recce or casting plus a day on an actual shoot with an LPA Photographer, plus the LPA Portfolio Experience, a critique of the students work and a chat about how to develop your portfolio to gain commercial commissions.

I was inspired to give this opportunity to students to both discover and be discovered after giving several talks at Universities. In some cases I felt that photography students really needed to be given more of an insight into how professional photographers make a living and the real world.

This year, the final challenge was to shoot an actual advertising brief, the well known ‘Love it or Hate it’ campaign created by Adam& EveDDB. The students had to interpret the well known copyline in their own individual way. The main prize was to actually join the roster of LPA Futures for 2 years, plus a bespoke portfolio from Cathy Roberts/Delta Design and prints from Metro Imaging- so pretty amazing really. The winner was Emma Boyns, who has just graduated from the University of Gloucestershire, with a BA in Editorial and Advertising Photography. Here is her clever interpretation, one of a series of 3 images she submitted for the competition.

© Emma Boyns

© Emma Boyns

Production Paradise: What have you found most useful about being a Production Paradise member?

Lisa Pritchard: Production Paradise helps keep us in the front of people´s minds in the industry. They have a consistently proactive marketing strategy and it’s good to have someone else talking about us as well as ourselves!”

Head over to the Production Paradise blog for more interesting articles and interviews!

LPA Futures / Winners Announced

May 19, 2015


LPA Photographers / Holly Pickering / The Art Fund / Minton Archive

May 19, 2015

LPA Photographer Holly Pickering was recently commissioned by The Art Fund to shoot some beautiful images of the newly acquired Minton Archive. 

The Minton Archive is a collection of drawings and works on paper which document the iconic pottery firms evolving styles over the three centuries of production. Housed in the firm’s hometown of Stoke on Trent, Holly travelled to capture the works being unloaded and unpacked in their new location. Well done to all those who secured this treasure-trove of work for the nation.

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

LPA Photographers / Julian Love / UEL Athletics

May 15, 2015

LPA Photographer Julian Love recently visited the University of East London, shooting some great sports lifestyle shots.

Julian spent an evening with the UEL athletics team, photographing them during a training session in his slick signature style and capturing the competitive team spirit. A lovely addition to his impressive and growing body of sports & outdoors work!

01 Julian Love Active Fitness

© Julian Love

02 Julian Love Active Fitness

© Julian Love

03 Julian Love Active Fitness

© Julian Love

04 Julian Love Active Fitness

© Julian Love

10 Julian Love Active Fitness

© Julian Love


LPA Futures / Launch Party

May 14, 2015

This week we held a fabulous party to celebrate the unveiling of our LPA Futures photographers for 2015-17.

Our office adjacent studio space, Camden Park Studios, provided the perfect venue for the party, being situated in a beautiful deconsecrated church. We had a brilliant turnout of guests who enjoyed delicious cocktails from the Duppy Share whilst viewing an exhibition of the photographers’ work. Thanks to this year’s judges – Mike Bone, Tony Connor, Amanda G, Patrick Harrison, Kathy Howes, Daniel Moorey and Lisa herself! Thanks also to our generous sponsors for the prizes – Delta Design, Metro Imaging, The Forge, Swan Turton, Williamson Carson & Co Ltd/ Chubb and Direct Photographic as well as BMA Models and the Duppy Share for helping to make the party such a success. Congratulations to Marc, Lulu, Tim, Emma, James and Fay!

LPA Futures_022

© Suzie Howell / LPA Futures Photographers

LPA Futures_005

© Suzie Howell / Marc Ambros

LPA Futures_002

© Suzie Howell / Lulu Ash

LPA Futures_003

© Suzie Howell / Tim Atkins

LPA Futures_006

© Suzie Howell / Emma Boyns

LPA Futures_004

© Suzie Howell / James Byrne

LPA Futures_001

© Suzie Howell / Fay Elizabeth Harpham

LPA Futures_040

© Suzie Howell


© Suzie Howell / Some of our generous sponsors – Delta Design, Swan Turton, BMA Models & Direct Photographic

LPA Futures_084

© Suzie Howell / Lulu with Jean-Michel Massey from The Forge

LPA Futures_034

© Suzie Howell / The Duppy Share

LPA Futures_093

© Suzie Howell / The Duppy Share

LPA Futures_061

© Suzie Howell

LPA Futures_071

© Suzie Howell / Patrick Harrison, Lisa & Mike Bone

LPA Futures_079

© Suzie Howell / Nick David & Rowan Fee

LPA Futures_082

© Suzie Howell / LPA Team

LPA Photographers / Julian Calverley / Redwood / Land Rover

May 8, 2015

LPA Photographer Julian Calverley recently spent a week on the picturesque Faroe Islands shooting these new images for Land Rover.

Julian was approached by Dan Delaney, Art Director at Redwood, who had been waiting for the perfect project to pop up to suit his cinematic style. Julian shot the new Land Rover Discovery Sport along with a ‘fine-dining adventure’ travel story for Rover’s OneLife magazine. The team braved wet and windy weather which happened to suit the brief – which called for wild and dramatic scenery – perfectly. Julian is accustomed to shooting in adverse weather conditions and remote landscapes, so he was the best man for the job!

Julian also shot at Koks restaurant, the chef and his dishes, along with a variety of people involved with the supply of Faroese ingredients.


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley

Ask an Agent / Shooting Without Mains Power

May 1, 2015

Ask an Agent is a regular monthly column tackling all your dilemmas about the photography industry – the photography industry’s first Agony Aunt!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask a photographers agent please send them to Questions can be on anything to do with the photography business, such as photoshoots, marketing, professional practice, pricing, contracts, legal stuff – anything!

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.37.17

With the LPA Futures 2015-16 launch fast approaching we’ve asked Lloyd Barker, General Manager at our sponsor Direct Photographic, to answer a question from a photographer wanting advice on shooting outside without mains power – a challenge which can easily be tackled with a little forward planning.

Dear Ask an Agent,

I’m a lifestyle photographer and need some advice on shooting outside with no power. I’ve been approached about an exciting job that involves several locations with no access to mains power. Could you tell me what I need to consider in terms of equipment to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day?

- Debbie Morrison

Powering a location shoot with no mains power is a challenge my team and I face every day. We have several options, depending on lighting requirements.

First off, the biggest piece of advice I can offer is to always start with an equipment list that includes and takes into account the production list – the need for hair and makeup areas, or a simple base for crew, for example. Secondly and very importantly, perform a recce at the location. It is absolutely essential to know what the location areas look like, how many areas will need power, and the distances between these areas in order to request the proper amount of cable.

The reason that the production list is so important is because small things that aren’t necessarily at front of mind like hairdryers, steamers, tea urns and catering equipment can quickly escalate power requirements. It’s always important to take power requirements into account for the entire location.

With the above-mentioned in mind, you’ll be able to quickly get to a budget and equipment list that works, and power options become very simple.


When batteries are required, it usually means that a recce isn’t possible. The up side to using a battery is that it’s easier to stay within a tight budget and be very mobile, shooting in multiple locations throughout a single day. In this scenario, a battery is really the only viable option.

Our range of battery options covers everything from flash to continuous, daylight to Tungsten, from speed-guns with dedicated TTL to the latest battery solutions from Profoto and Broncolor. The new B2 system from Profoto is 250ws; the Profoto B4 Air has excellent recycling time, is perfect for freezing motion, and can output 1000ws; the Broncolor Move will do 1200ws and comes in a rucksack.

When it comes to continuous, we carry 1×1 Bi-Colour LED Panels, LED Ring Lights, Tungsten Sunguns, Daylight Pocket PARS, and Joker Bugs. And new in from Kinoflo, we carry the 200 and 400 Celeb Bi-Colour battery-powered LED panels, which are punchier than – but just as soft as – the well-known Kinoflo Fluorescents.

MF0B5592 1

Behind the Scenes / Michael Heffernan

Portable Generators

For greater power we move to portable petrol generators. Long duration shooting is better powered by generators and if you need the performance of a mains powered flash but are away from mains power, this is the answer.

In our range of portable generators, Direct Photographic carries a range of Honda EU10is, EU20is, EU30is, EU65is and most recently the EU70is.

The smaller 1kW and 2kW models are perfect for location digital equipment setup. They supply more than enough power for a laptop and screen, and will run reliably without trouble for several times longer than an external battery.

The 3kW generator will run a 2.5 HMI or a Profoto Flash Pack and the 6.5kW generator will run a 4kW HMI or a couple of flash packs.

The new Honda EU70is portable generator (shown in photograph) is very exciting because it offers more choice. Two of these generators linked and running in parallel provide 11kW of power. In terms of production cost, having this amount of light on set for this cost and with such a small amount of equipment was previously unheard of.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.44.33

© Direct Photographic

Vehicular Generators

There are several reasons to choose a vehicular generator, among which are the need for a great deal of power between equipment lists and production requirements, and the need for reliable, steady power in several different places.

We most commonly supply models from our own fleet that range from 60kW up to 200kW. As an example, a 60kW vehicular generator is ideal for two 18kW HMI’s, carrying the head stands and cable as well as production elements like E-Z Up tents, trestle table, etc…

This particular generator is used regularly on large campaigns where clients require an exterior, completely self-contained studio-grade operating environment. This level of power works when you perhaps need six shots in 30 minutes, and therefore you have six times the amount of equipment running at once.

There are several costs associated with vehicular generators that aren’t always apparent which we can provide guidance on. For example, this type of hire necessitates that we supply HGV licensed crew who are trained and certified electricians.


“How long is a piece of string?” The size of a budget depends on what you are shooting, where and with what.

As every shoot is different, and therefore every budget is different. At the same time, if our teams are given the principle information to check off, they will be able to provide a quote quickly in order to give an initial idea of costs. When providing a quote, the essential information elements are:

- Lighting equipment list

- Production equipment list

- Location

- Call time & Wrap time

- Layout of the location so that cable can be estimated if required

Direct Photographic carries a wide range and large amount of equipment, from high directors chairs to makeup mirrors, steamers, irons, E-Z Up tents, trestle tables, gold brollies and more. For out of town and even mobile in-town shoots, we can provide a Man&Van service as well.

Please Note:

We reserve the right not to enter into ongoing correspondence.

We reserve the right not to answer all questions.

Please state whether you would like to remain anonymous.

This advice should be taken as a guide only.

Lisa Pritchard, LPA and guest bloggers take no responsibility for any omissions or errors.

Please seek professional legal advice should you require it.

LPA Style/ Claire Portman/ Paul Smith Juniors

April 30, 2015

LPA Style hair & make up artist Claire Portman recently worked on this energetic Paul Smith Juniors S/S 2015 campaign.

Shot by photographer George Harvey and styled by Francesca Pinna, Claire’s natural hair and make up work well with the sporty theme and emphasize the movement in the shots. Claire is fantastic at working with children and we love how these shots capture youthful fun!


© George Harvey


© George Harvey


© George Harvey


© George Harvey

LPA Photographers / Julian Calverley / Porsche 356 Speedster

April 27, 2015

LPA Photographer Julian Calverley recently photographed this beautiful Porsche 356 Speedster, in a new addition to his expansive body of automotive work.

The car is owned by Nick Schon, ex- Group Director of Saatchi & Saatchi and illustrator of over 170 children’s books. Julian said of the shoot, “it’s often tempting when photographing cars, to get carried away with complex lighting set ups, CGI backgrounds and post production trickery, but this car just begged for a simple and classic approach.” We agree that Julian’s polished photography really captures the charm of the vehicle – beautiful work!


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley

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