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The Brief / Addison Group / Perfetti Van Melle / Nick David

January 27, 2015

The Brief is a regular feature on the LPA blog which takes a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot, from brief to final images. For this edition we take you behind the scenes of Nick David’s recent Perfetti Van Melle shoot, even including a handy photoshoot glossary!

Photographer: Nick David
Client: Perfetti Van Melle
Agency: Addison Group
Art Director: Ben Baxter
Production: LPA Production
Stylist: Charlie Cave/ LPA Style
HMU: Claire Portman/ LPA Style
Shoot date: July 2014
Usage: Corporate website

Perfetti Van Melle are one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gum, and the brand behind household names such as Chupa Chups, Mentos and Fruitella. Their agency Addison Group approached us looking for a lifestyle photographer with a spontaneous feel to his work, and they certainly came to the right place as Nick David is amongst the best in the business!


The brief called for seven key lifestyle shots, each featuring a different Perfetti Van Melle product. The client wanted the imagery to be fresh, genuine, bold and fun so we knew Nick was the perfect man for the job – a master of the natural and candid approach! Nick is also particularly gifted in capturing children being children (as you can see from the recent commissions below) which was an important part of this shoot.


© Nick David / Morrisons


© Nick David / Family & Childcare Trust

Addison Group and Perfetti Van Melle provided us with a very detailed brief stipulating preferred settings, activities, models and products and our original shot list looked like this:

1 – Young adults sharing/enjoying PVM products in a park (a – relaxed, b – excitable)
2 – Children interacting (a – still, b – playing)
3 – Parents treating children to PVM products (a – father and son, b – mother and daughter)
4 – PVM employees gesticulating with PVM product in their hands
5 – Various models eating/opening/blowing bubbles etc with PVM products
6 – Family having fun and enjoying/sharing PVM products
7 – Various models enjoying a beverage with a packet of Mentos Nowmints/Frisk


The brief required a full production so one of our producers Cassie set about putting together an estimate. We included:

Photographer’s fees and expenses:

• Shoot fees to reflect the usage and for a 1 day shoot
Recce fee
• Photographic expenses – digi-capture, post production and equipment & lighting


• Casting Director (to source suitable models 
via an online casting)
• Model fees (for 5x adults and 3x children)
Children’s performance licence fees
First Aider


• Location hire fee
Location library fee

Crew and their expenses:

• 1st Assistant
• Producer


• Wardrobe & props stylist (including prep & returns days)
• Hair & Make-up Artist
• Stylist and Hair & Make-up Artist’s expenses


• Catering costs
• Insurance, telephone, couriers etc.


Once we had received a PO approving the costs, we could commence on the preproduction.  Our ‘to do’ list looked something like this…

1)  Organise advance from client for shoot expenses.
2)  Confirm dates with Nick and the client.
3)  Send out brief to model agencies (including important client and usage details as well as the look of models and what they need to do).
4)  Prepare an online casting document which included pictures, sizes and agencies of all the shortlisted models we have selected.
5)  Addison and PVM to approve final models and LPA to confirm with model agencies.
6)  Confirm and brief crew.
7)  Confirm wardrobe and props brief plus sizes of models for the stylist.
8)  Prepare call sheets and send to everyone.


For this shoot we cast the models online which enabled the process to be really quick and efficient. However when conducting an online casting it’s important to double check that the models still look as they do in their images, and to ask the model agents for character recommendations. We had certain considerations to bear in mind at the request of the client, such as a broad representation of ethnicities, and also no child models under the age of twelve. We cast two adults, three young adults and three children.


Perfetti Van Melle’s original shot list required a variety of both indoor and outdoor scenarios which ranged from a park to a workplace. With this being a one day shoot, we had to find a versatile location which could convincingly represent each of the seven scenarios. We settled on a location house in East Finchley which could act as a family home whilst providing us with an appropriate space to simulate an office environment. It also had a large outdoor space which worked as both a garden and a park.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.46.57


LPA stylist Charlie cave and LPA hair and make-up artist Claire Portman both did a brilliant job as always.

The client wanted the wardrobe and props styling to be ‘casual, bold and vibrant’ to match the PVM branding, and we love the way Charlie has injected pops of colour in every shot to compliment the fun products. Here’s what she had to say about the shoot:

“PVM was a really nice shoot to work on with a great team, lovely client & shooting on location out in the sunshine. The wardrobe & props brief was very clear from the client, who wanted a summer feel & lots of kids garden toys. The shoot day went smoothly with the bonus at the end of the shoot that the outrageous amount of goodies that the client had brought with them had to be divided up between us.”

Hair and make-up artist Claire said:

“My requirements were for natural/summertime makeup and hair but it was a busy day as there were lots of models – both adults and kids.  It was a lovely day in July so it was great to be out in the garden for much of the day and there were certainly lots of sweeties around to keep our energy levels up in the afternoon!”

photo 5

Behind the scenes / Claire Portman (hair and make-up artist) and Rosalind Keep (stylist’s assistant).


“I had a great day shooting for PVM – makers of some of the biggest sweet brands including the legendary Chupa Chups lolly! We wanted to keep the shoot fairly loose which suits my style – this also helped with the children as they were able to relax and enjoy the day. We had great weather too which meant there was  plenty of opportunity to shoot outside. The main challenge was making sure we had covered all the different brands – Ben, Charlie and Rosalind did a great job making sure everything ran smoothly.” – Nick David

photo 4

Behind the Scenes / Nick David and models.

“I’ve always been a huge admirer of Nick’s portfolio. He captures excitement and genuine passion with such vibrancy – I knew he would be perfect for the Perfetti Van Melle brief. LPA’s meticulous planning and experience meant that everything ran without a hitch on the day. And a result, we got some absolutely fabulous shots and a very happy client.” Ben Baxter / Art Director

Here’s a selection of our favourite shots:


© Nick David


© Nick David


© Nick David


© Nick David

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.44.34

© Nick David


Advance: It is wise to obtain an advance of funds to pay for crew and expenses prior to the shoot.

Call Sheet: A document detailing all the important details on a shoot: where, when, who, plus contact numbers.

Children’s Performance Licence: Required for shoots involving models under the age of 18, obtained from the child’s local authority.

Digi-capture: The process of taking the photos on a photoshoot, capturing the images with a digital camera.

First Aider: This is legally required for shoots with children.

Location House: A property for hire for the photography, film and TV industries.

Location Library Fee: A database of locations which are available to hire for photoshoots. A fee is paid when you use a location from the database.

PO: A Purchase Order. A legally binding document from client to supplier detailing the exact services required, authorising costs and detailing all terms and conditions.

Post–production: Digital manipulation of the images after they have been taken.

Prep: (In this case with regards to the styling) Initial preparation for a shoot, e.g sourcing/ buying/ hiring clothing and props, as well as preparing moodboards and online research.

Preproduction: The production which takes place before a shoot happens, to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Recce fee: The photographer’s fee for time spent viewing potential locations prior to the shoot. This helps to plan lighting, logistics and to ensure everything runs smoothly on the shoot day.

Shot List: A prepatory list of shots the client wants to achieve during the shoot.

Talent: The models or people who are being photographed in a photoshoot.

LPA Student Challenges / Breaking News!

January 21, 2015

Breaking News…Adam&EveDDB come on board with LPA Student Challenges.   

We have a very exciting announcement to make! Top advertising agency Adam&EveDDB have agreed to give our five Student Challenge finalists the chance to interpret one of their well known and much loved campaigns. But that’ s not all…their multi award winning Executive Creative Director Richard Brim and Head of Print Daniel Moorey are going to judge the work and decide the winner!

Just a quick recap. LPA Student Challenges is an annual competition that sets a series of challenges to the nations photography students. It offers some invaluable prizes and real opportunities to kick start your photography career .

Challenge Number One was to interpret the theme ‘Challenge’, the winning image being used to promote the competition. The prize was the LPA Shoot Experience and the winner and the runner up secured their place in the final.

For Challenge Number Two we are asking you to submit a portfolio of ten images and a short explanation of why you are ‘One To Watch’. This time we are offering the LPA Portfolio Experience as the prize and choosing not one,  but three winners who will also get the chance to enter the final. You still just about have time to enter, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get yourself noticed.  Deadline is Friday 23rd January. Click here for all the details.

And so to Challenge Number Three and the grand final. The five finalists will now have the chance to shoot their interpretation of a famous Adam&EveDDB campaign and the winner will go on to scoop the biggest prize we’ve offered to date – representation by LPA as part of their LPA Futures programme and a their own bespoke printed portfolio worth over £1000!! Full details will be announced on the 6th February.

So, if you think you have what it takes to be an advertising photographer, enter Challenge Number Two now to get a place in the final- opportunities like this don’t come around that often!

15.Steven Butter

© Steven Butter / Winner of Challenge Number One

LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / Only Kids

January 20, 2015

LPA Futures Oliver Haupt has been working on a new personal project, Only Kids, which will be shown as part of a group exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery

Looking at ideas of childhood, the images straddle the often fragile boundary between play and violence in a series of thought-provoking images. Oliver often works with children as he enjoys ‘their innocent fresh approach that enriches our own perception’ and gives us a new way to view the world.

Make sure you head down to The Brick Lane Gallery this Wednesday from 6-8.30pm for the preview, or anytime until February 1st when the show closes.

© Oliver Haupt

© Oliver Haupt

© Oliver Haupt


LPA In Focus / Travel, Tourism & Leisure

January 19, 2015


LPA Photographers / Rowan Fee / John Lewis Technology

January 16, 2015

LPA Photographer Rowan Fee continues his great work for the John Lewis Technology supplement with these creative images.

Shot for the Christmas special, Rowan worked with a variety of the latest hi-tech gadgets including TVs, tablets and radios. Rowan’s clean and crisp style of photography complements these sleek products to ensure a highly contemporary look throughout.

© Rowan Fee

© Rowan Fee

© Rowan Fee

© Rowan Fee

LPA Style / Alice Timms / Brooks England

January 15, 2015

LPA Style’s Alice Timms was recently commissioned by Brooks England to style the Autumn/ Winter campaign and catalogue.

The campaign was shot by Frank Herholdt (represented by Trayler & Trayler) at dusk and dawn over the period of a week last summer. Brooks England manufacture beautiful leather handcrafted bicycle saddles, bags and accessories, and Alice was tasked with styling a diverse range of scenarios in which they would be used. We love how Alice’s styling draws on both classic and modern influences, appealing at once to the brand’s heritage and today’s contemporary consumer.


© Frank Herholdt


© Frank Herholdt


© Frank Herholdt


© Frank Herholdt

LPA Photographers / Charlotte Tolhurst / BerinMade

January 12, 2015

LPA Photographer Charlotte Tolhurst was recently commissioned by stationary design studio BerinMade to shoot a selection of merchandise for their website.

Charlotte experimented with plants, flowers and confetti to create playful scenarios in which to display the products. Primarily a food photographer, we think it’s great to see Charlotte showing off her versatility with these fun still life shots – all whilst retaining her signature bright and contemporary approach.


© Charlotte Tolhurst


© Charlotte Tolhurst


© Charlotte Tolhurst

LPA Style / Claire Portman / Babiekins Magazine

January 8, 2015

Hair & Make-up Artist Claire Portman recently worked on this lovely fantastical shoot for quirky children’s magazine Babiekins.

Shot in the romantic Hever Castle grounds by photographer Daniel Pangbourne, Claire’s hair and make-up is suitably regal. Deep red lips, dusty pink cheeks and porcelain skin recall Elizabethan opulence and work perfectly with Becky John‘s ethereal styling. Beautiful work all round!


© Dan Pangbourne


© Dan Pangbourne

Hever 4_363

© Dan Pangbourne


© Dan Pangbourne

LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / Castilla y León

January 7, 2015

LPA Futures photographer Oliver Haupt recently shot this campaign for the tourism board of Spain’s largest region – Castile & Leon.

Oliver knows how to get the most out of his models, which here ensures that the shots are both natural and engaging. We think the final images make the region look a great place to visit, succeeding in showing what Castile & Leon has to offer during the winter season.

NAVIDAD Prensa - EL PAIS - Pagina - 273x214+3mm - DEF_trazado

© Oliver Haupt


© Oliver Haupt

LPA Photographers / Andy Smith / Travels

January 6, 2015

For our first blog post of 2015 we have a beautiful new personal project by LPA Photographer Andy Smith.

Much to the envy of everyone in the office, Andy has spent the Christmas period traveling around South East Asia, allowing himself time to shoot some lovely new personal work in between commissions. Starting in Thailand in December, Andy has traveled through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia where these shots were taken off the beaten track at a food market in Siem Reap. Amazing work!


© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith


© Andy Smith

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