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LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Cocktails

April 14, 2014

LPA Futures photographer Holly Pickering makes our mouths water yet again with these delectable cocktail images.

In time for Easter celebrations these summery shots are part of a test shoot Holly did to try out some new props. We love the combination of tangy lemon flavours with the sweeter cherry tastes of the second cocktail. Holly’s control of colour, light and perspective brings a real depth to the images and shows her gift for capturing props and drink in original and beautiful ways.


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering (more…)

LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Bahamas

March 24, 2014

LPA Futures Holly Pickering brings vivid tropical colour to her palette with this wonderful shoot in the Bahamas.

Holly recently visited the gorgeous islands for a family holiday and took it as an opportune moment to do what she does best; capturing small but beautiful details of the local scenery, plants and people. We thought these bright pinks, intense greens and sultry blues were perfect to light up a Monday morning!


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering (more…)

LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Halloween

October 31, 2013

Holly Pickering gets us in the mood for Halloween with these seasonally inspired images shot specially for LPA.

The inspiration for the shoot comes from the darkness of the Brothers Grimm fairytales, with a rustic, Victorian look in terms of the props and styling. The spooky toffee apples with toffee filigree decoration set the tone for the scary night to come, alongside the classic pumpkin, chilli soup and herb and feta cheese pie which alight our taste buds. Who’s out trick or treating tonight?!


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering (more…)

LPA Futures Exhibition / CHI & Partners

October 23, 2013

The busy, welcoming offices of CHI & Partners are the latest host for our LPA Futures exhibition.

There’s a variety of photography to enjoy from the architectural style of Roman Sakovich to the playful poses of Michela Nale’s fashion shots and Oliver Haupt’s captivating boxing images, whilst Gerwyn Davies’ surreal portraits offset the homely, warmth of Holly Pickering’s work. If you’re visiting CHI & Partners within the next month keep an eye out for this inspiring work as you make your way in.

The exhibition is currently on tour around ad and design agencies around the country, showcasing the latest crop of exciting new LPA talent.




LPA In Focus / Personal Projects

October 17, 2013


LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Painter

August 16, 2013

These reflective, painterly photos from LPA Futures Holly Pickering form part of a collection of creative portraits which Holly is currently working on.

The close up, focused shots offer a personal insight into an artist’s world, and in this particular case, an illustrator. Holly is especially gifted in capturing detail and portraying the intricacies of life, her photographic portraits here capturing an artist at work through a camera lens.


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


LPA Futures 2013 / Events at Great Eastern Bear

May 8, 2013


LPA Futures 2013 / Call For Entries / Deadline Tomorrow at 6pm

January 31, 2013

Call-For-Entries-ONE DAY-2013

LPA Futures 2013 / Call for Entries / Deadline this Friday 1st Feb 6pm

January 28, 2013


LPA Futures 2013 / Call for Entries Announced

November 27, 2012

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