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October 14, 2011

This week we bring you MULTI-TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE WEEK. Kerry Harrison was recently commissioned by creative agency Sixteen Hands to direct four short films, shoot a bank of images of children and lastly to compose and record the music for an animated film for Children’s Social Work Matters.

The brief for the photography was to create natural, light imagery for use on a Children’s Social Work campaign. The aim was to give the impression of the positive outcome of social work. LPA Production cast four models and Kerry shot at three locations to show a variety of urban and countryside environments. Extra care was taken in both the styling and locations to ensure that everything fitted with the branding.

The four documentary style films were directed to highlight some of the challenges and reality of being a social worker. Featuring real social workers, they demonstrate the pride and passion these people have for their careers and the people they help. Tara’s video, shot in the iconic Sheffield Park Hill Estate also talks about her past and how this inspired her choice of career. Through his connection with the subjects Kerry managed to create truly emotional videos for use on the website.

You can view Tara’s story here.

Finally Kerry wrote and recorded the music for the animated film and the four documentaries with Rob Julian.

Here are some of the stills that Kerry shot shown on the Children’s Social Work Matters website:




Here are some more pics from the shoot:

© Kerry Harrison



October 7, 2011

This Friday the LPA team would like to share their ‘INSPIRATIONS OF THE WEEK’.

Lisa’s inspiration of the week:

Lisa was particularly inspired by the work she saw at the AOP Assistants Awards this week. LPA were at the ceremony last night rooting for LPA Futures photographer Olly Burn and his image in the environment single award. Lisa was encouraged to see such a great variety of high quality work from the next generation of professional photographers.

© Olly Burn

Suzie’s inspiration of the week:

Before the AOP Assistants awards last night, LPA attended a fascinating talk by photographer Simon Norfolk at the Hoxton Gallery. Simon spoke of what drives him to do what he does within photography and how his personal work and research translates into his commercial work. Suzie was particularly interested to hear about how Simon created such interesting images of the Mayan Temples for National Geographic.

Lauren’s inspiration of the week:

On Wednesday Lauren attended a talk by Owen Jones, author of the book ‘Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class.’ The talk tackled issues of the stereotyping and criticism that the modern day working class has become a victim of. The evening was really thought provoking and raised an interesting debate about the state of politics.

Ally’s inspiration of the week:

This week on the LPA blog, Ally wrote about  Michael Heffernan’s personal project ’27 Stops’ currently being exhibited at East Gallery. The series created a different and unique way of photographing London and the people who live within it. The image of the woman with wings on from Walthamstow stood out for Ally.

Dani’s inspiration of the week: 

On Tuesday Dani went to see the film Melancholia at The Barbican. Melancholia is described on the film’s official website as ‘a beautiful movie about the end of the world’. Dani thought the film was visually stunning, gripping, tense and oddly quite funny!


September 30, 2011

Last night we attended ASA Collective’s first anniversary at Nomad on Old Street. We were so impressed by the quality of work that we thought it deserved to be our ‘SLIDESHOW OF THE WEEK’.

ASA Collective is made up of 3 London based photographers who strive to use photography and multi-media as a platform for important story telling. These photographers are Armando Ribeiro, Arun Nangla and Srinivas Kuruganti. Every month they hold slideshow events where they showcase their own work, the work of others and collaborative work between themselves and other visual artists.

This months was a particularly special slideshow as ASA had some influential curators helping to choose the work shown. We were particularly blown away by the work of photographer Sophie Gerrard who was nominated by Fiona Rogers. Fiona is the founder of Firecracker, an online platform supporting European women photographers and is also the Cultural and Educational Manager at Magnum Photos. The work that Sophie showed  last night related to environmental and social issues within India. Here are a few images from her work entitled ‘E-Wasteland‘, a series documenting the problem of e-waste in India. She also showed a moving image piece about the Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital in Bihar which you can see here.

Acid pollution from E-waste recycling in the streets in Mandoli, Delhi, India.

© Sophie Gerrard (more…)

…Of The Week

September 23, 2011

This week we bring you CREATIVE IDEA OF THE WEEK. 

Just draw a stickman in the square to send him on a magical journey!

…Of The Week

September 16, 2011


As it was the Roald Dahl Day on 13th September, here is our tribute to his beautiful words;

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you. Because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl

…Of The Week

September 9, 2011


As promised in our recent newsletter, we’d like to bring you some exciting new work from still life photographer, Rowan Fee (LPA Futures).

Rowan has been experimenting with a variety of objects making them look graphic and playful with his extremely talented use of light, shadow and colour.

© Rowan Fee

From the series ‘Fake Food’



September 2, 2011

‘New work of the week’

This week we thought we would share some ‘NEW WORK OF THE WEEK’ by LPA Futures photographer, Toby Coulson

Toby has been hard at work recently on some really interesting personal projects that are definitely worth a look! Continuing with his project about animals that are bred for showing, Toby has photographed a fascinating variety of Sphinx cats in the studio.

© Toby Coulson

He’s also been working on a new project photographing Sea Cadets in east London. Watch this space for the final work!

© Toby Coulson


…Of The Week

August 19, 2011


Along with other photography lovers across the globe, LPA are celebrating World Photography Day.

We set ourselves a task to capture a little piece of our day, from our walk to work to what inspires us in the office. Here is a snippet of our world that we would like to share with you….

© Ally Nelson. Early morning silhouettes in Hackney.

© Danielle Bouchard. Twitter? Facebook? Fax, it’s the only way to communicate in the 21st century.

© Georgina Bernard. Which button do I press?

© Lauren Jarmey. Morning sunlight on the way to work.

© Lisa Pritchard. Today is move day and Manny is saying goodbye to his old stables.

© Suzie Howell. Oooh, could I just borrow the book ‘How to Be a Movie Star’ ? Coley Porter Bell has the best reception area!

What’s World Photography Day?

World Photography Day is all about celebrating photography and remembering how special a photograph can be.

Today, we take our photographs for granted. But next time you’re flicking though photos from your last holiday, remember that there was once a time when photography didn’t exist. A time when those precious moments couldn’t be captured, uploaded and shared.

On August 19th, celebrate photography and share your world with the world!


August 12, 2011

This week we bring to you ‘AD OF THE WEEK’ shot by Julian Calverley, with make-up by Sam Norman (LPA Style). The images were commissioned by Lionhouse Creative for talkSPORT to promote the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Les Welch founder of Lionhouse Creative shares some kind words;

‘Our latest shoot with Julian and the LPA team proved, once again, to be a joy. Their understanding of our needs and their diligence throughout the project made our life easy …and the final imagery is outstanding too!’

Here are the before and after shots. In the center you may recognise Brian Moore, former England and British Lions rugby union hooker.




July 29, 2011

Have you spotted our BILLBOARD OF THE WEEK?

Nick Daly was commissioned by Life Agency to shoot the 17 year old Olympic diver Tom Daley for a Nestle campaign. Nick really enjoyed working with Tom, he was extremely professional, lots of fun and never complained. We’ll be routing for Tom in the 2012 Olympics!

BEFORE/shot in a studio…

AFTER/billboard on Old Street, London…


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