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LPA Student Challenges Number Three / Winner & Runner Up Announced!

February 21, 2014


LPA Student Challenges / Challenge Number Three / Call for Entries!

January 3, 2014

CallforEntries-Challenge 3

LPA Student Challenges / Challenge Two / Winner & Runner up Announced!

January 3, 2014


LPA Student Challenges / Challenge Two / Call for Entries!

November 21, 2013


LPA Student Challenges / Winner & Runner Up Announced!

November 21, 2013


LPA Student Challenges / Challenge One / Deadline Midnight Today!

November 5, 2013

The LPA Student Challenges, Challenge One are open for entries until midnight today, so be creative and get your work noticed in the industry!

Don’t miss this chance to get invaluable real world photoshoot experience. Previous winner of this Challenge Matthew Town won the opportunity to hang out with advertising photographer Julian Calverley on a location shoot for Celgene through Seven Stones. After spending a day at a casting at London’s Holborn Studios he saw the action unfold on the shoot at an allotment in Surrey, where poisonous snakes temporarily interrupted play!

Matthew won Challenge One in 2011/12 with the below image in response to the theme of ‘Challenge’, which won over the judges with its striking simplicity and fulfillment of the brief.


© Matthew Town

Here is what Matthew had to say about his experience on set with renowned LPA photographer Julian Calverley:

‘The experience days gave me a real opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes of a shoot! I didn’t realise really how much work goes into the organisation of it all. The taking of the pictures is really just a small part of the whole process.

‘What the experience also made me realise is that there is a lot I need to learn about the industry, and for that reason I started working full time at a photography studio in London where I can gain first hand experience of large commercial shoots. I don’t think I would have taken this step if it wasn’t for the LPA Student Challenges.

You can read the full blogpost about Matthew’s experience day on the LPA blog here.
A day in the real world on photoshoot was crucial in giving Matthew insight into how to move forward following his degree and understand more about how the industry works.

You could be next, enter before midnight today for your chance! All details are below…



LPA Student Challenges / Challenge One / Call For Entries

October 22, 2013


LPA Student Challenges / Catching up with Andrei Nacu

March 19, 2013

LPA Student Challenge winner Andrei Nacu recently spent some time at the LPA offices, receiving some vital advice on how best to present his portfolio from Lisa and the rest of the LPA team. We caught up with him last week and here is what he had to say.

© Andrei Nacu

Tell us about what you are doing at the moment Andrei?
I have just finished my MA degree in Documentary Photography at University of Wales, Newport. For my final project I have produced a photobook about my parents so I’m looking for ways in which I can improve this work and maybe self-publish it. Besides this, I’m at the stage where I’m trying to put everything together for a project that I have developed over the last year, about small family farms in South Wales. My main reason for looking at this subject in the UK was the accelerated decrease in the number of small farms which have almost halved. More and more farmers are struggling to survive as they cannot keep up with factory farming and the changing economy.

© Andrei Nacu

© Andrei Nacu


LPA Student Challenges / Challenge Three / Winners Announced

February 19, 2013


LPA Student Challenges / Catching Up With Rameez Khawaja

February 6, 2013

With the deadline fast approaching to the final of the LPA Student Challenges, we recently caught up with one of last year’s winners Rameez Khawaja, who spent a day at LPA. Here is what Rameez said about his day with the LPA team and his portfolio masterclass.


Can you tell us a bit about what you’re doing at the moment Rameez?
At the moment I’m on a placement year from my university, Huddersfield (Digital Photography BA Hons). I’ve decided to use this year to invest in myself and get more experience before going on to finish my degree. I have several personal projects that I am developing and also juggling working at RM Studios, which primarily focuses on wedding and commercial photography. I do have my hands full but sometimes my whole schedule can get a little unstructured at times!


© Rameez Khawaja
Beautiful and honest images from Rameez’s project in the Amazon rainforest

Tell us a bit about your LPA portfolio experience day.
My portfolio day with the LPA team was better than I could have imagined. I met Alexa & Tom in the morning at a portfolio appointment in West London and subsequently had my work critiqued by Lisa who has years of experience in the commercial industry. It was incredible and I walked away with a mountain of information that wasn’t only just informative but I can put to use in my practice in the here and now.

What surprised me the most was the transparency of the agency staff when I started badgering them with questions! As photographers there’s a lot of competition now more than ever and most of the time there’s a blackbox of information that not a lot of working photographers unfortunately share with those starting off. So it was almost too easy getting a simple and honest response to most of my questions that usually get avoided by others.

Did you find out any useful information you didn’t already know?
Finding out how briefs are put together and discussed/negotiated with clients was something I had no experience of at all in. It’s definitely something I will now look at incorporating into my own work in the future and expecting from clients.

In all honesty I didn’t know what to expect when I was thinking about the agency appointment, but it was above and beyond what I would even have thought of.


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