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LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Yolk

September 11, 2014

LPA Futures photographer Holly Pickering has us ditching the diet and heading over to fabulous Yolk with these delicious photographs.

These gorgeous images were shot at baker Laura Marten’s Stoke Newington kitchen. This self-taught baker creates all manner of stunning baked goods and desserts for all occasions. Holly’s sumptuous lighting makes these glorious bakes look all the more tempting.

©Holly Pickering

©Holly Pickering

©Holly Pickering

©Holly Pickering

©Holly Pickering

©Holly Pickering


©Holly Pickering


©Holly Pickering

©Holly Pickering

LPA Futures / Michela Nale / Arsene S/S 2015

September 4, 2014

LPA Futures Michela Nale recently worked on this great lookbook for new menswear brand Arsene, launching S/S 2015.

Working with a great style team, Michela brought a real touch of Italian 60s glamour to the shoot, every shot looking like a glossy film still to capture the shirts at their very best.

© Michela Nale

© Michela Nale

© Michela Nale

© Michela Nale

LPA In Focus / Futures

August 20, 2014


LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Palm PR / The Duppy Share

August 12, 2014

Our great LPA Futures photographer Holly Pickering has been busy lately, most recently with this commission for premium rum brand The Duppy Share.

Adopting a contemporary aesthetic to highlight the brand’s premium standing, Holly’s shots show off the many ways the rum can be enjoyed and make the most of the bold, tropical design.

The Duppy Share rum is available exclusively at Selfridges now.


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering


© Holly Pickering

LPA Awards

August 7, 2014

We’re proud to announce that LPA photographer Nick Daly and LPA Futures photographer Oliver Haupt have recently scooped some very impressive awards.

Nick Daly won gold in the ‘Best Unlisted/International Report’ category at the Corporate & Financial Awards for his work with Conran Design on the Cancer Research 2013 Report and Review. He was rewarded for his ability to communicate a complex topic in a straightforward manner, to meet and surpass the requirements placed on corporate reporting and on the quality of the completed work. Always getting the best out of his subjects, Nick’s images are full of natural warmth and solidarity, highlighting the power of humanity over hardship and illness.


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly

Meanwhile our talented Futures photographer Oliver Haupt has swept the board at the PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2014, winning gold for his ‘Transporter’ series in the  ‘Professional Advertising Self Promotion’ and ‘Professional Advertising Calendar’ categories.  He also won Silver for his ‘Youth’ and ‘High Noon’ series’ in the ‘Professional Portraiture’ category, and bronze in the ‘Professional Advertising’ category for the teaser poster for the film ‘Las brujas de Zurragarmurdi’.


© Oliver haupt


© Oliver Haupt

A huge well done to both photographers on these achievements!

LPA Futures / Michela Nale / M&C Saatchi / House of Peroni

August 5, 2014

LPA Futures photographer Michela Nale has recently produced this gorgeously cinematic fashion editorial for the House of Peroni through M&C Saatchi

Originally conceived in 2013 to celebrate the 50th birthday of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, the House celebrates the very best in Italian creative talent.   Citing Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni and legendary actress Monica Vitti as the inspiration behind the story, Michela also took cues from Lynchian cinematography to create this series of sultry, atmospheric and beautiful shots.


© Michela Nale


© Michela Nale


© Michela Nale

LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / Havas Dusseldorf

July 28, 2014

LPA Futures photographer Oliver Haupt was recently commissioned by Havas Dusseldorf to shoot this subversive image for an account-winning pitch.

Exercising his accomplished post-production skills, the shot playfully portrays the Queen of England morphing into a wrestler.  Oliver continually pushes the boundaries of both originality and aesthetics, and is always keeping us at LPA on our toes!


© Oliver Haupt / Havas Dusseldorf

LPA Futures / Gerwyn Davies / Paradise

July 11, 2014

LPA Futures Gerwyn Davies has been working on his fantastical ‘Paradise’ project, creating some surreal new work in his inimitable style.

Known for his expansive imagination and costume design abilities which rival that of his photography skills, Gerwyn’s new work is perhaps our favourite yet. With a real nod to drag and performance art, we can’t wait to see what comes out of his head next!

© Gerwyn Davies

© Gerwyn Davies

© Gerwyn Davies

LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Motoyogo

July 9, 2014

Though the weather may not be glorious, we’re going to get you in the summer mood with this sunny shoot from LPA Futures Holly Pickering

Serving organic frozen yoghurt across London, Holly captured the Motoyogo team in their converted electric milk float at Kerb Southbank, a monthly street food market held at the Southbank Centre. Holly’s great eye for details and rustic styling works perfectly with the brand and we love the action shots! Now we just need a bit more sun to get out and have a taste!

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering


LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / FCB Spain / Master’s Gin

June 18, 2014

LPA Futures Oliver Haupt was recently commissioned by FCB Spain to shoot this vintage style campaign for Master’s Gin. 

Shot on location throughout Spain, Oliver was commissioned to capture both the past and present of the brand and we love the results. Oliver’s also a master of post-productipn, manipulating the images to give them a real historic feel.

Apparently smashing the Gibson guitar was easier said then done and Oliver nearly had to cut in half before the final shots! Definitely will be having a gin and tonic tonight to celebrate his results.

© Oliver Haupt

© Oliver Haupt

© Oliver Haupt

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