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LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / Havas Dusseldorf

July 28, 2014

LPA Futures photographer Oliver Haupt was recently commissioned by Havas Dusseldorf to shoot this subversive image for an account-winning pitch.

Exercising his accomplished post-production skills, the shot playfully portrays the Queen of England morphing into a wrestler.  Oliver continually pushes the boundaries of both originality and aesthetics, and is always keeping us at LPA on our toes!


© Oliver Haupt / Havas Dusseldorf

LPA Futures / Gerwyn Davies / Paradise

July 11, 2014

LPA Futures Gerwyn Davies has been working on his fantastical ‘Paradise’ project, creating some surreal new work in his inimitable style.

Known for his expansive imagination and costume design abilities which rival that of his photography skills, Gerwyn’s new work is perhaps our favourite yet. With a real nod to drag and performance art, we can’t wait to see what comes out of his head next!

© Gerwyn Davies

© Gerwyn Davies

© Gerwyn Davies

LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Motoyogo

July 9, 2014

Though the weather may not be glorious, we’re going to get you in the summer mood with this sunny shoot from LPA Futures Holly Pickering

Serving organic frozen yoghurt across London, Holly captured the Motoyogo team in their converted electric milk float at Kerb Southbank, a monthly street food market held at the Southbank Centre. Holly’s great eye for details and rustic styling works perfectly with the brand and we love the action shots! Now we just need a bit more sun to get out and have a taste!

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering


LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / FCB Spain / Master’s Gin

June 18, 2014

LPA Futures Oliver Haupt was recently commissioned by FCB Spain to shoot this vintage style campaign for Master’s Gin. 

Shot on location throughout Spain, Oliver was commissioned to capture both the past and present of the brand and we love the results. Oliver’s also a master of post-productipn, manipulating the images to give them a real historic feel.

Apparently smashing the Gibson guitar was easier said then done and Oliver nearly had to cut in half before the final shots! Definitely will be having a gin and tonic tonight to celebrate his results.

© Oliver Haupt

© Oliver Haupt

© Oliver Haupt

LPA In Focus / Architecture & Interiors

June 12, 2014


LPA Futures / Exhibition at CHI & Partners

May 29, 2014

The LPA Team recently hung our touring LPA Futures exhibition at CHI & Partners in the impressive entrance hallway of the agency, located close to Tottenham Court Road.

Showcasing the work of fantastic LPA Futures photographers, Holly Pickering, Oliver Haupt, Michela Nale, Roman Sakovich and Gerwyn Davies, the exhibition really brightens up the agency entrance, and will hopefully attract a lot of positive interest over the next month it is displayed.

Please visit the LPA Futures section of our website for further information regarding the photographers exhibited, and as always please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in commissioning any!




LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Cooper & Wolf

May 22, 2014

LPA Futures Holly Pickering recently took her camera to Clapton based Swedish cafe Cooper & Wolf to shoot the delicious array of Scandinavian treats and the lovely interiors.

Shooting a variety of Swedish delicacies including gravlax (cured salmon), kanelbulle (cinnamon buns) and Gubbröra (egg and anchovy mayonnaise), Holly’s rustic approach to food and great eye for detail suits the homely Swedish cafe perfectly. Definitely want to be paying this place a visit soon!

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering


LPA Futures / Roman Sakovich / Viking Coastline

May 15, 2014

LPA Futures Roman Sakovich has produced these atmospheric shots capturing the barren landscapes of the South Swedish coastline.

The work is part of a recent research project he has been completing whilst traveling this historic coastline where Vikings lived, built ships and sailed to war with other countries. Roman’s dark and austere aesthetic imbues his work with subtle and natural tones, whilst his time living in Sweden brings a genuine connection and sense of place to these images.


© Roman Sakovich


© Roman Sakovich


© Roman Sakovich (more…)

LPA Futures / Gerwyn Davies / Paradise

May 9, 2014

LPA Futures photographer Gerwyn Davies has been working on a fascinating new personal series entitled ‘Paradise’ for a commercial exhibition to be displayed in his native Australia.

Gerwyn describes this series as ‘an extension of previous work exploring characters through costume, but looking more to situate them in place and create postcard moments of odd identities’. We always love the creativity and originality of Gerwyn’s work, and these colourful and exciting new pieces are no exception! We think they would look spectacular on a gallery wall in sunny Australia!


© Gerwyn Davies


© Gerwyn Davies


© Gerwyn Davies

LPA Futures / Michela Nale / Professional Photographer article

May 7, 2014

LPA Futures photographer Michela Nale has pride of place in the latest edition of Professional Photographer for her styled shoot inspired by Wes Anderson’s film Moonrise Kingdom.

Working with LPA Style Alice Timms and Claire Portman, Michela created a nostalgic, vintage atmosphere with natural lighting, superb period styling and lovely out of focus vignettes for the youthful portraits. Michela’s cinematic approach is explored within the article, which mentions her intentional lack of post production, preferring to leave the images with a lifelike, soft allure. The beauty of the shoot encourages the viewer to perceive the world through a child’s eyes, and we are thrilled that Michela’s technique and excellent stylistic eye have been given exposure within this edition.


Michela’s article can be found on page 19




© Michela Nale (more…)

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