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LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / GMC

April 15, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison recently worked with the GMC (General Medical Council) to shoot these candid and sensitive images.

Patrick’s easy going and warm character makes him perfect for this kind of shoot, getting the best out of models both old and young. LPA Style’s Alice Timms provided the props and styling and make-up artist Claire Louise ensured that all models looked their best on set.

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

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LPA Photographers / Rowan Fee / Audi

April 10, 2014

LPA Photographer Rowan Fee captures the soft, ambient glow of the new Plumen 002 bulb in this shoot for Audi Magazine.

Designed by Hulger, and inspired by British sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, this both energy saving and aesthetically pleasing lightbulb takes the old traditional bulb to a new level! Rowan’s talent with product photography shines through yet again!


© Rowan Fee


© Rowan Fee


© Rowan Fee

LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Coochie Hart / Specsavers

April 9, 2014

LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison was recently commissioned by Coochie Hart to shoot this playful campaign for Specsavers, advertising their new offer on children’s glasses.

Produced by Jonathon at LPA, styled by the excellent LPA Style Alice Timms, and with grooming by LPA Style Claire Louise, the shoot was an all round team success! We also got our recent Student Challenges winner for Challenge Number One, 2013/14, Jamie Mellor, involved as Production Assistant. We spotted the advert in print in a copy of The Sun last week, always great to see the pay off for hard work! Kerry succeeded yet again in bringing out the best in his young models!


Sienna Rose White represented by Top Talent models © Kerry Harrison


Charlie Yhap represented by BMA Models © Kerry Harrison

LPA Moving Image / Nick Daly / Carillion

April 7, 2014

LPA Photographer Nick Daly shot the campaign ‘Lifeguards’ for leading support service company ‘Carillion’, which works across markets such as construction, engineering, education, health and government.

Below is a short behind the scenes film shot during ‘Lifeguards’ where the motto is for every staff member to be responsible for site safety and reporting unsafe procedures. Nick regularly shoots for Carillion, and these images in particular showcase Nick’s great people skills and appreciation for colour.


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly (more…)

LPA Photographers / Julian Love / Borough test shoot

April 3, 2014

LPA Photographer Julian Love captures everyday situations in a beautiful light with his latest test shoot set in and around Borough, London.

Stylist Steph Gilks was on hand to ensure the two models were looking suitably groomed and nonchalant for this urban shoot, we love the consistent orange running throughout and the pastel green and bright pink. Julian also shot some great moving image to accompany these lovely shots, showcasing the delicious food stalls of Borough market and giving the impression of two friends relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Julian excels again in both directing video and creating timeless images, ideal for the advertising and design markets.

© Julian Love


© Julian Love


© Julian Love


© Julian Love (more…)

LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan

April 1, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison‘s sensitive and empathetic style won him this commission for the Anthony Nolan and NHS Stem Cell Registry.

These portraits are of stem cell donors Zach, Andrew and Ross who have all saved someone’s life with their selfless act of donating cells. The whole production involved four different shoots, shot on location in the donor’s environments including an RAF base in Brize Norton and a physics classroom. The images were then used as full page spreads in Anthony Nolan’s annual review brochure to help illustrate the organisation’s commendable work.

Inspired to help save lives of people with blood cancer? Click here


© Patrick Harrison


© Patrick Harrison


© Patrick Harrison


© Patrick Harrison

LPA Photographers / Michael Heffernan / Birthday Party

March 25, 2014

LPA Photographer Michael Heffernan worked alongside LPA Style talent Alice Timms and Victoria Poland, to bring this gorgeous childrens’ birthday party to life.

LPA Style Alice Timms employed her excellent sourcing skills and eye for detail in styling this adorable shoot with a colourful, bohemian twist, whilst hair and make up artist Victoria Poland enhanced the youthful expressions and playful hair do’s with her expert touch. Michael succeeded in capturing endearing moments, with perfect compositions and his spot on timing. We want to join in the fun!


© Michael Heffernan


© Michael Heffernan


© Michael Heffernan


© Michael Heffernan (more…)

LPA In Focus / Fashion & Beauty Photography

March 21, 2014


LPA Photographers / Julian Love / Havas EHS / Simple

March 20, 2014

Last summer LPA Photographer Julian Love was commissioned by Havas EHS to shoot these light and natural images for well-known beauty brand, Simple

Shot when temperatures were reaching over 30C, Julian used natural sunlight to its fullest to ensure all the images reflected the Simple brand perfectly. LPA Style’s Claire Portman was on hand to make sure all the hair and make-up looks were flawless and showed off the models’ skin to its very best. Here are a just a sample of the images as well as the work in situ on the US Simple website. Lovely work as always Julian!

© Julian Love

© Julian Love

© Julian Love


LPA Moving Image / Iain Crockart / A Bullet Across Rajasthan

March 19, 2014

The ever intrepid Iain Crockart recently journeyed to Rajasthan to combine two of his greatest passions, motorbikes and photography, well in this case video!

Travelling on 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets, Iain ventured through the vast deserts of Rajasthan as well as the bustling cities which fill the region. Iain said of the trip, ‘The smiling waving children, the sweet chai, the road side dhaba’s for a lunch of what was available, the near misses and occasional impact with wildlife, the laughs around campfires lasting well into the night…. all part of the adventure’. We love this little video which shows an insight into life on a hog!

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