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LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / Politics: The Painful Truth

April 20, 2015

LPA Photographer Iain Crockart has offered up his thoughts on the upcoming General Election in this derisive still life image.

Inspired by comedian Billy Connoly’s sentiment that ‘the desire to be a politician should ban you for life from ever being one’ and frustrated at the daily posturing and promising, he went looking for the spikiest bramble branch to illustrate his idea in his graphic and composed signature style. POLITICS TRUTH 2015

LPA Photographers / Nick David / Surfers

April 16, 2015

LPA Photographer Nick David recently took a trip to the beautiful Cornish coast to photograph a group of surfers as a part of a new personal project.

Striking it lucky with sunny weather, Nick made the most of the natural light and shot some lovely spontaneous imagery. Focusing on a group of young friends, Nick perfectly captures their passion for the sport, as well as the picturesque coastal landscape.


© Nick David


© Nick David


© Nick David


© Nick David


© Nick David

LPA Photographers / Julian Calverley / Forest

April 15, 2015

Today on the blog we’re sharing some beautiful new images shot by LPA Photographer Julian Calverley.

Working on a new project on forests, Julian shot these ethereal and captivating panoramic images. For the tech nuts the images are made from 3 stitched frames from a ALPA STC & Phase One IQ180 MFDB combo.

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

LPA Photographers / Liz McBurney / Norwegian

April 2, 2015

Just in time for Easter, LPA Photographer Liz McBurney has shot this creative and graphic image for Norwegian.

Shot for an article on Kristina, Europe’s youngest city, Liz brings her flawless lighting skills and creativity to the fore with this fun and playful image. Wishing everyone a happy Easter and restful long weekend from all at LPA.

© Liz McBurney

LPA In Focus / Still Life Photography

March 24, 2015


LPA Photographers / Rowan Fee / FHM

March 24, 2015

LPA Photographer Rowan Fee recently shot this dynamic series depicting gardening and the outdoors!

Shot for FHM Collections magazine, Rowan’s crisp and vivid lighting draws us in once again, showing off his skills in the studio. The products are given a beautiful ambient glow, and his playful compositions present the products in a fresh way. Lovely work as always!


© Rowan Fee

RFee_FHM_Gardening_Flask© Rowan Fee


© Rowan Fee


© Rowan Fee

RFee_FHM_Screencopy© Rowan Fee

LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / Conran Design Group / CRUK

March 16, 2015

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison continues his partnership with Conran Design Group and CRUK with these new images.

Patrick travelled the length and breadth of the country, shooting real patients in a series of inspiring and sensitive portraits for the charity. Great work as always Patrick – nice to see the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in there too!

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

LPA Photographers / Andy Smith / Personal Project

March 11, 2015

LPA Photographer Andy Smith recently shot some great new personal work centred around the idea of start-up companies.

Shot on location in Farringdon, Andy’s informal and natural approach to corporate photography has seen plenty of new commissions pour in. We love these new images and can’t wait to see what’s next from Mr Smith!

© Andy Smith

© Andy Smith

© Andy Smith

© Andy Smith

© Andy Smith

LPA Photographers / Sam Stowell / Jamie Magazine

March 10, 2015

Earlier this year, one of LPA Photographers Sam Stowell’s  tempting stories for Jamie Magazine was published.

Working with food stylist Sunil Vijayakar, Sam captured the stages of making delicious rye bread. We love the results and wouldn’t mind a piece ourselves!

© Sam Stowell

© Sam Stowell

LPA Photographers / Julian Calverley / Fischer Verlage / Tana French

March 9, 2015

German publishers Fischer Verlage recently used some of LPA Photographer Julian Calverley’s images for a set of Tana French’s book covers.

Shot as part of Julian’s fantastic #iphoneonly series, the dark and atmospheric images were a perfect fit for these critically lauded crime novels by the Irish writer. Used for the German language editions of the book, have a look out for them if you’re in Germany, Austria or Switzerland!

© Julian Calverley

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