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November 2, 2015


LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / Landor / Barclaycard

October 22, 2015

LPA Photographer Iain Crockart was commissioned earlier in the year by Landor to shoot a new campaign for Barclaycard out in Cape Town, South Africa. 

3 days, 12 locations, 36 models, 54 scenarios – Iain worked across the city to create an image bank of spontaneous, bright and contemporary images for the banking giant. The concept of the shoot was to capture everyday moments, as if shot on an iPhone for Instagram. Iain says ‘the ambitious shoot was possible because of a great team working together from the art director (Hsu-Ying Fullick), art buyer (Claire Arroyo), producers (Jonathon Nixon in the UK, Gavin Schneider in South Africa) to stylists, hair and make-up, drivers and assistants’.

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / World Beard & Moustache Championship

October 6, 2015

LPA Photographer Iain Crockart traveled to Leogang in Austria last weekend as the official photographer of the World Beard & Moustache Championship.

Shooting an array of gravity defying facial fuzz, Iain’s clean and crisp portraits are a real love letter to eccentricity and personal style. Definitely worth the trip to Austria.

Iain Crockart-1038
© Iain Crockart

Iain Crockart-1488
© Iain Crockart

Iain Crockart-1406
© Iain Crockart


LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / MSL Group / Experian

September 17, 2015

LPA Photographer Iain Crockart was recently commissioned by MSL Group to shoot for Experian.

Shooting in their London office, Iain used his great eye for detail and composition to produce a series of creative images for the company. Using real employees, Iain is adept at putting non models at ease to create a natural and candid ambiance.

Iain Crockart Experian-3
© Iain Crockart

Iain Crockart Experian-4
© Iain Crockart

Iain Crockart Experian-13
© Iain Crockart

Iain Crockart Experian-15
© Iain Crockart

Iain Crockart Experian-20
© Iain Crockart

LPA In Focus / Portrait Photography

August 25, 2015


LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / TT Riders

June 15, 2015

LPA Photographer Iain Crockart recently shot these rather daring TT riders, a difficult task when they’re travelling at 160mph!

A bike enthusiast himself, Iain’s passion has seen him travel the world, from the Himalayas to Arkansas to ride and shoot. Ian always impresses and we love how he has managed to capture the speed, dynamism and excitement of the sport.

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / Politics: The Painful Truth

April 20, 2015

LPA Photographer Iain Crockart has offered up his thoughts on the upcoming General Election in this derisive still life image.

Inspired by comedian Billy Connoly’s sentiment that ‘the desire to be a politician should ban you for life from ever being one’ and frustrated at the daily posturing and promising, he went looking for the spikiest bramble branch to illustrate his idea in his graphic and composed signature style. POLITICS TRUTH 2015

LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / Captain Fawcett

January 9, 2015

In addition to being a talented photographer, Iain Crockart has a keen interest in all things facial hair with his joint business venture, Captain Fawcett.

Creating bespoke beard oils, waxes and other great products, Captain Fawcett teamed up with model Ricki Hall to create his own signature scent, Booze and Baccy. Rather than cigarette butts, think ‘honeyed fresh tobacco leaves, dusty aromatic frankincense, maple-like benzoin, woody oak moss and warm exotic vanilla bean, layered with mid notes of fresh hops and sweet bog myrtle finished with the top notes of spice from the bay rum tree and zesty orange’. We love the product and this great promotional shot Iain took with Ricki at LASSCO in Bermondsey.

© Iain Crockart

LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / Poppy Wreath

November 11, 2014

In honour of Armistice Day, LPA Photographer Iain Crockart has created this beautiful poppy wreath in his trademark graphic style. 

Well-known for his clean and crisp images, Iain’s contemporary take on the poppy has definitely caught our eye. We’ve also included a couple of other recent images which Iain has shoot using plants and flowers as inspiration.

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

© Iain Crockart

LPA In Focus / Overseas Shoots

September 22, 2014


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