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The Brief / Skoda / Key Parker / Julian Calverley

October 1, 2014

The Brief is a quarterly feature on the LPA blog which takes a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot.


Photographer: Julian Calverley

Client: Skoda

Agency: Key Parker

Senior Account Manager: André Stewart

Creative Director: Al Delgado

Production: LPA Production

Stylist: Charlie Cave (LPA Style)

HMU: Claire Portman & Victoria Poland (LPA Style)

Shoot dates: June 2014

Usage: Skoda brochure, 1 year, UK

For this month’s edition of The Brief we chose a shoot Julian Calverley has recently worked on for the Skoda accessories brochure, through Key Parker.  Julian had shot the images for the previous brochure, so the client knew his distinctively stylised, cinematic aesthetic would work perfectly a second time around.  It’s always great when we get briefs through from repeat clients; so we were excited to get cracking on this production from the word go!

Below are some of Julian’s final shots from back in 2012:


© Julian Calverley / Key Parker / Skoda


© Julian Calverley / Key Parker / Skoda

The Brief:

The original brief was for a 3-day shoot to update the photography in the Skoda accessories brochure, which is used to promote the “thoughtful extras designed for the way you live your life and drive your Skoda”.  The brief called for one set up per day, each depicting a different scenario in which the Skoda accessories range can make life that little bit easier.

The client called on Julian’s powerful, enhanced style of photography to ensure that the brochure would be far from your run of the mill automotive advertising.  His intensely detailed approach lends itself perfectly to this brief, which required the car to sit in the background of each lifestyle set up whilst still ultimately being the focal point the shoot.

The client had provided us with some scamps, detailing each planned scenario:

Day 1:

Subject: A young boy, aged 9 or 10

Scenario: A family day out to the seaside. Mum and dad are relaxing on deck chairs on a quintessentially British beach, whilst their son and daughter enjoy an ice cream/lolly which they have managed to smear around their mouths and drip down their hands. The son is in the foreground, looking to camera, whilst his younger sister, being camera shy and a bit cheeky, is possibly peeking out from behind a large sand castle they have built.

Vehicle: The family’s Rapid Spaceback is parked incidentally in the scene along a raised promenade in the background.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 14.18.37

Day 2:

Subject – Male business executive, aged 40-55

Scenario – Our subject is grabbing a bite to eat for lunch in an organic sandwich bar/deli. He is seated at a table in the foreground, drinking a cup of coffee, and is catching up with a bit of remote working, surrounded by his iPad, smartphone and newspaper. The food and produce on sale in the shop, (eg artisan breads, jars of olives, chutneys, etc), is displayed behind him on tables and shelves. We are looking back through the deli, out to the street.

Vehicle: The businessman’s Octavia vRS is parked over the road.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.46.35Day 3:

Subject: A group of 3 young friends, aged 20-25

Scenario: Our fashionable friends are seen leaving a trendy, Art Deco-type cinema in the heart of London. The photograph is shot at night to capture the buzz and atmosphere of the street scene, with a queue of people milling around the entrance. The subject is in the foreground, standing next to her car, whilst her friends are chatting and laughing crossing the road towards her to get their lift home or to move on to their next venue.

Vehicle: the girl’s Citigo is parked on the nearside kerb.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 16.16.54

Upon receiving the brief LPA Production set about preparing the costs and production schedule, and sorting the logistics.  In this case the client organised the talent, locations and permits, shoot vehicles and catering themselves.

The Estimate:

We included:

Photographer’s fees and expenses:

-       Shoot fees to reflect the usage and for 3x shoot days

-       Recce fee

-       Photographic expenses – digi-capture, post production and equipment & lighting


-       1st Assistant

-       Stylist/ Prop Buyer, (including prep, shoot and returns days plus expenses for wardrobe)

-       Stylist Assistant

-       Hair & make-up Artist


-       Transport expenses for all crew

-       Insurance, telephone, couriers etc.

The Preproduction

Once we had received a PO approving the costs, we began on the production.  Our ‘to do’ list looked something like this…

1) Get advance of shoot expenses
2) Confirm dates with Julian and the client.
3) Confirm and brief crew.
4) Confirm wardrobe and props brief plus sizes of ‘models’ from Key Parker for the stylist

5) Prepare call sheets and send to everyone.


Wardrobe and prop styling was paramount on this shoot to make each shot clear, convincing and relatable.  LPA Style’s talented Charlie Cave did an amazing job – we particularly love her use of bold clothing and props to compliment the details in each scenario.

We also brought in LPA Style’s Claire Portman and Victoria Poland to provide hair and make-up, with Claire working on scenarios 1 and 3 and Victoria working on scenario 2.

Claire said:

“We had a sunny afternoon shooting by the seaside and then an evening shoot at the Rio cinema. Both days required a very natural hair and makeup look from me as the brief called for ‘real’ people. It was a pleasure to work with Julian for the first time and great to work with Charlie as always.”

The Shoot

“My first thought when I got this brief was that it was a really bold thing for a car company to do.  I have worked with cars a lot throughout my career so I found it incredibly interesting that they wanted to focus more on the characters than the car itself.  This, I thought, was a great concept because it engages the viewer on a personal level and also stands out simply because it’s not your typical car shoot.  In this sense it was great for both Skoda and Key Parker to have faith in me to do something a little different. 

With this kind of shoot you really have to be able to think on your feet because you have no idea what could happen on the day!  We were lucky to have a great team on board – from Al and Steve at Key Parker to Charlie, Victoria and Claire from LPA Style – ensuring everything ran smoothly on set.  The set up with the young boy at the beach was quite tricky to achieve but he was a star and very patient – it probably helped that there was a constant supply of ice cream though!”

Julian Calverley

Here are the final shots for the brochure:


© Julian Calverley / Key Parker / Skoda


© Julian Calverley / Key Parker / Skoda


© Julian Calverley / Key Parker / Skoda

Photoshoot Glossary

Advance: It is wise to obtain an advance of funds to pay for crew and expenses of shoot that you may need to hire.

Call Sheet: A document detailing all the important details on a shoot: where, when, who, plus contact numbers.

Digi-capture: The process of taking the photos on a photoshoot, capturing the images with a digital camera.

PO: A Purchase Order. A legally binding document from client to supplier detailing the exact services required, authorising costs and detailing all terms and conditions.

Post–production: Digital manipulation of the images after they have been taken.

Prep: (in this case with regards to the styling) Initial preparation for a shoot, e.g preparing moodboards, online research.

Pre-production: The production which takes place before a shoot happens, to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Recce: Visiting potential locations before the shoot to choose the most appropriate.

Returns: When a stylist returns the options of clothes and props which are not used on a photoshoot.

LPA In Focus / Architecture & Interiors

June 12, 2014


LPA Photographers / Julian Calverley / iPhoneonly

June 9, 2014

LPA Photographer Julian Calverley embraces the power of the camera phone with his latest book of landscape photographs taken entirely with an iPhone.

Julian is well known for his atmospheric advertising and landscape work, working regularly with clients like Mercedes, Aston Martin and Bank of Scotland. Typically an advocate of professional photographic gear, the last couple of years have brought Julian round to the spontaneity of the iPhone and the ability to share results with a wide audience, via online feeds and blogging platforms. Julian has found that on location, with the ever-changing light and weather conditions, an iPhone can act as a visual notebook, to quickly document a fleeting scene, or often to take a memento image of his ALPHA camera in front of him.

Composed of 60 high quality colour photographs, printed using a waterless lithographic, this book is sure to make you consider the power of your iPhone in an entirely new light.

The book is available from the Lionhouse Bindery



© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley (more…)

LPA Production / Julian Calverley / Cygnus Associates / Interflora

March 10, 2014

In addition to representing some of the best photographers in the business, LPA also incorporates a full production company, LPA Production, to help with all of your shoot needs. Whether you need help with part of your shoot or the whole thing, our friendly and experienced team are ready to help. We thought we’d give you a little taste of a recent shoot to show you what we can do for you. 

LPA Photographer Julian Calverley was recently commissioned by Cygnus Associates to shoot some heartfelt and tender images for florist giant, Interflora. In addition to Julian’s great photography, we sought out help from other members of the LPA team to lend their experience and expertise. Over the course of the two day shoot, LPA producer Jonathon arranged all the nitty gritty shoot logistics from transport and accommodation to catering and invoicing – all those little things your really don’t want to be thinking about if you’re shooting.

LPA Style’s Alice Timms sourced wardrobe and occaison-themed props (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day) for 9 models for the shoot whilst Victoria Poland provided the natural hair and make-up looks, making sure all the models had a natural glowing warmth!

We appreciate that every shoot is different and our years of combined experience mean that we really have dealt with everything so why not send us through a brief and see what we can do for your shoot, whether you’re commissioning or getting commissioned.

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

LPA Photographers / Julian Calverley / Chaos Design / London Philharmonic Orchestra

February 13, 2014

LPA Photographer Julian Calverley was recently commissioned by Chaos Design to shoot these stunning London panoramas with portraits of musicians from London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Julian captures world renowned landmarks such as St Paul’s and Big Ben with a new and alluring twist, letting strong, stormy skies reflect in the glassy waters of the Thames. The shoot took place over  a couple of days in London, with the more dramatic shots being taken during sunrise and sunset. The final prints are being used as seen here in LPO’s Concert Season brochure. As always, his vivid colours, and almost painterly post production work gives his work the distinctive Calverley identity!


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley (more…)

LPA Photographers / Julian Calverley / Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Advertising Photographers

January 31, 2014

To add to the awards success of LPA Photographers, Julian Calverley also had several images selected by the Luerzer’s Archive, with six of his photographs making the cut!

Here are three of the stunning images which were selected, we love the aquamarine blues, and sharp detail contrasting with the soft long exposures. These evocative panoramics do make us want to go and explore the alluring Isle of Skye.


The Cuillin from Glen Sligachan, Isle of Skye © Julian Calverley


The Cuillin from Elgol, Isle of Skye © Julian Calverley


Glen Etive Tree, Highlands of Scotland © Julian Calverley

LPA Photographers / Julian Calverley / #iPhoneonly / Glen Etive & Glen Orchy

January 2, 2014

Back in December, LPA Photographer Julian Calverley shot these dramatic and beautiful landscapes up in Scotland on his iPhone!

Part of his ongoing project #iPhoneonly, Julian’s photography skills really come to the fore, creating impressive images with a relatively cheap piece of photography equipment. Great inspiration to get out there and take some images in 2014, no matter what you’re working with!

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

LPA Photographers / Julian Calverley / London Cityscapes

December 9, 2013

LPA Photographer Julian Calverley recently shot these London cityscapes as part of an upcoming exciting project.

We can’t show the final images just yet, but we love these panoramas so much we couldn’t wait to share them with you! Shooting some of London’s most iconic landmarks such as Canary Wharf, Houses of Parliament & Tower Bridge, Julian really captures the beauty of our great capital!

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley


LPA Student Challenges / Challenge One / Deadline Midnight Today!

November 5, 2013

The LPA Student Challenges, Challenge One are open for entries until midnight today, so be creative and get your work noticed in the industry!

Don’t miss this chance to get invaluable real world photoshoot experience. Previous winner of this Challenge Matthew Town won the opportunity to hang out with advertising photographer Julian Calverley on a location shoot for Celgene through Seven Stones. After spending a day at a casting at London’s Holborn Studios he saw the action unfold on the shoot at an allotment in Surrey, where poisonous snakes temporarily interrupted play!

Matthew won Challenge One in 2011/12 with the below image in response to the theme of ‘Challenge’, which won over the judges with its striking simplicity and fulfillment of the brief.


© Matthew Town

Here is what Matthew had to say about his experience on set with renowned LPA photographer Julian Calverley:

‘The experience days gave me a real opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes of a shoot! I didn’t realise really how much work goes into the organisation of it all. The taking of the pictures is really just a small part of the whole process.

‘What the experience also made me realise is that there is a lot I need to learn about the industry, and for that reason I started working full time at a photography studio in London where I can gain first hand experience of large commercial shoots. I don’t think I would have taken this step if it wasn’t for the LPA Student Challenges.

You can read the full blogpost about Matthew’s experience day on the LPA blog here.
A day in the real world on photoshoot was crucial in giving Matthew insight into how to move forward following his degree and understand more about how the industry works.

You could be next, enter before midnight today for your chance! All details are below…



Julian Calverley / Marston & Langinger / Journey’s End

October 21, 2013

Julian Calverley’s powerful photographic style brings out the best in Marston & Langinger’s beautifully designed glass houses.

The company designs and builds unique glass buildings for residential properties, as well as producing superb paint to enhance their architectural creations, and offering bespoke furniture and blinds to adorn the interiors. The combination of the composition, dramatic skyline and rich palette successfully communicates Marston and Langinger’s heritage of beautifully designed and functional glass houses.


© Julian Calverley


© Julian Calverley

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