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September 22, 2014


5 Minutes with… / Hayley Nia Thomas / Photographer’s Assistant

September 1, 2014

This month we spent 5 minutes catching up with Hayley Nia Thomas, a photographer’s assistant who has been working with our very own Kerry Harrison for 2 years.  Read on for her reflections on the skills required to be a successful assistant, the importance of admiration for the photographer you work with, and her tips for new photography graduates!


How did you become a photographer’s assistant?

I was originally working in a studio doing product photography. I realised that shooting in a dark basement with backdrops, props and lights wasn’t for me and that I was more inspired by people and locations. Then a friend recommended me to LPA photographer Kerry Harrison who shoots people and lifestyle. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to change direction and to think about where I want to take my career.

What’s the best and worst thing about your job?

Assisting is great for me, I am able to gain an invaluable insight. Whilst I do have a lot of responsibility on shoots, I am also able to take a slight backseat and observe how everything is done. There isn’t much I don’t like about my job – I find it incredibly rewarding and fun. However, sometimes days can be very intense and exhausting.

What qualities do you think are most important in being a successful photographer’s assistant?

I’ve learned that you need to be adaptable, as you are always working with different clients across various environments. It is important to read situations well so that you can act appropriately. You need to be on the ball at all times and really pay attention to what your team needs. This way you gradually gain an understanding of how they work so that you can always be two steps ahead.


© Hayley Nia Thomas

How important is it for you to assist a photographer whom you admire?

I think if you admire the photographer then it helps to motivate you through the tough working days. You may also find that working on shoots in which you love the work being produced to be more helpful to your own practice. However, I believe it is important that you aren’t too heavily influenced by them, as you need to develop your own way of working and adapt the skills you’ve learned to your own personality and work. I also think that all experience is good experience, and if you work with a photographer that you don’t admire then this can help you see what you don’t want to be doing.

What advice would you give to new graduates entering the industry? Do you think it’s important to assist when you’re starting out?

I think if you aren’t particularly experienced or confident then assisting is a great way to learn about the industry and develop relationships. It is also a good way to decide what area of photography you want to get into. When I graduated I took the first job I could find and ended up being in an area of photography so far removed from what I am about, so assisting allows to you experiment a bit more.

As well as assisting Kerry you work as a freelance portrait photographer.  How would you describe your aesthetic and influences?

I am usually inspired by what people do and who they are, and I aim to create an intimate moment in my photograph in which a hint of their personality comes to life. I usually stage my shoots, as I like to have control over the mood and composition. I love the work of Esther Teichmann, Rinko Kawauchi and Rineke Dijkstra. Their work is extremely evocative – there is a subtle tension, yet stillness. That to me is very powerful.


© Hayley Nia Thomas

Where do you go to seek inspiration for your own work?

I look at a lot of blogs online, for example If You Leave, Wandering Bears and Self Publish Be Happy. I also read the British Journal of Photography and Seasaw magazine, as well as attending a lot of exhibitions. My favourite is the annual Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize.

What is the most exciting shoot you have ever worked on?

Probably a shoot with Kerry Harrison for Sage where he was photographing an artist in her studio and her home. For me that is what I would love to be doing, so I really enjoyed watching how someone else approached the job and thinking about how I would of tackled it if it were my commission.


© Hayley Nia Thomas

Thanks Hayley!

LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Savvy / Adidas

August 18, 2014

LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison recently worked with retail specialist Savvy on this great project for Adidas

Shot on location at the luxurious Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, Kerry brought a more urban edge to the normally very gentile sport of golf. LPA Style’s Alice Timms provided the great sports luxe looks while Claire Louise was on hand to make sure all the male models looked their very best. Fab team effort as always guys and lovely results.

ADIDAS2© Kerry Harrison

ADIDAS3© Kerry Harrison

ADIDAS1© Kerry Harrison

LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Leo Burnett Belgrade / Vip Mobile

August 8, 2014

LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison has continued his work with the Belgrade branch of Leo Burnett and Vip Mobile Image Library in this bright and breezy shoot.

Working with models of all ages and backgrounds, Kerry succeeds in showing the many facets of the vibrant Serbian capital Belgrade.  Kerry’s fresh, crisp style captures the essence of summer perfectly and has us all wishing it wasn’t nearing an end!


© Kerry Harrison


© Kerry Harrison


© Kerry Harrison


© Kerry Harrison

LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Leo Burnett Belgrade / Vip Mobile

May 20, 2014

LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison recently worked with the Belgrade branch of Leo Burnett to shoot an image bank for Serbian telecommunications company, Vip Mobile.

Shot in the dynamic and urban Serbian capital of Belgrade, Kerry worked with real people sourced from all over the country to ensure the images looked as natural as possible. Here are just a few of our favourites from the shoot and a few with copy.

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison


The Brief / Specsavers / Coochie Hart / Kerry Harrison

April 25, 2014

The Brief is a regular feature on the LPA blog which takes a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot. 


Photographer: Kerry Harrison
Client: Specsavers
Title: Little Angels and Little Monsters
Agency: Coochie Hart
Art Director: Michael Hutchinson
Production: LPA Production
Models: Sienna Rose White ( Top Talent) & Charlie Yhap (BMA)
Stylist: Alice Timms (LPA Style)
HMU: Claire Louise Mazik (LPA Style)
Shoot dates: March 2014
Usage: All print media & digital, to include but not limited to POS, DM, Posters, OOH, magazines, press, PR. ATL & BTL Worldwide,

When this fun brief came along from Specsavers, we knew LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison was perfect for the job.


© Kerry Harrison (more…)

LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Coochie Hart / Specsavers

April 9, 2014

LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison was recently commissioned by Coochie Hart to shoot this playful campaign for Specsavers, advertising their new offer on children’s glasses.

Produced by Jonathon at LPA, styled by the excellent LPA Style Alice Timms, and with grooming by LPA Style Claire Louise, the shoot was an all round team success! We also got our recent Student Challenges winner for Challenge Number One, 2013/14, Jamie Mellor, involved as Production Assistant. We spotted the advert in print in a copy of The Sun last week, always great to see the pay off for hard work! Kerry succeeded yet again in bringing out the best in his young models!


Sienna Rose White represented by Top Talent models © Kerry Harrison


Charlie Yhap represented by BMA Models © Kerry Harrison

LPA Student Challenges / LPA Photoshoot Experience / Jamie Mellor

March 18, 2014

Jamie Mellor won LPA Student Challenges Number One this year for his excellent composition skills and photographic eye. His prize was to attend a live photoshoot with an LPA photographer, and in this case Jamie was lucky to accompany friendly Northerner Kerry Harrison to shoot in a house in Highgate, London. Here is what he had to say about the experience, along with some beautifully shot behind the scenes images to give us an idea of what was involved.

“Attending the photo-shoot was invaluable experience for me, it taught me so much about the workings of the industry. Most of the day I was helping out as the 2nd assistant, which meant I could really get involved and see how photographer Kerry Harrison works. The shoot was for a campaign for children’s glasses. It was great to see how Kerry kept the whole day so upbeat; it was a lot of fun and also helped the productivity of the day.
The day before the shoot, I spent the afternoon chatting with Kerry. It was fascinating to hear about the variety of the jobs he gets, and he was keen to look and talk about my work too. When showing him my portfolio it was insightful to see why and which images he preferred. It was fantastic to get to meet the rest of the crew too, who were very friendly and gave me a lot of time, explaining in depth, what was evolved in making a shoot like this happen.
The whole experience has definitely given me more direction in my approach to becoming a professional photographer. I think I now have a better idea of what agencies are looking for. The main thing I learnt is that there is no place for mediocrity. It’s better to have work that divides opinion, but is the best in that particular style.
I would like to thank LPA for giving me this amazing experience. To be recognised by LPA has given me a lot of belief that one day I really will become a successful photographer.”

See Jamie’s winning image for LPA Student Challenges One 2013/14 here.


© Jamie Mellor


© Jamie Mellor


© Jamie Mellor (more…)

LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Sage / Ballet School

February 14, 2014

As part of his ongoing work for multinational company Sage, LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison shot this case study at a ballet school in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Throughout 2013 Kerry travelled across the globe for Sage shooting in Barcelona, Vienna, Paris and Johannesburg to name a few. Shooting in a mostly documentary way, Kerry subtly directed the dancers and teacher to ensure the resulting images were both dynamic and beautifully crafted. These images sit alongside other case studies including textile designers in London, wine merchants in Vienna and graphic designers in Madrid. A great slice of life as always Kerry!

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison

LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Wild Turkey

February 5, 2014

Kerry Harrison was commissioned to shoot these warm, ambient photographs to showcase the delicious taste of Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey. 

The brief called for a loose and more edgy reportage style, with very specific lighting. Shot in a beautiful pre-prohibition style bar, Kerry incorporated ten lights, flares and colour casts to create these husky-hued, flavoursome photographs.

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison

© Kerry Harrison



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