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LPA Photographers / Nick Daly / FCB Inferno / Coca-Cola

September 18, 2014

LPA Photographer Nick Daly is taking us back to the long and hot days of summer with this fabulous commission through FCB Inferno for Coca-Cola

Shot for a large campaign for the European market, Nick was on set throughout perhaps the hottest week of the year in the lovely leafy area of the New Forest. It was definitely a team effort on the day with LPA Style’s Alice Timms providing wardrobe and Charlie Cave providing all the props. We’ve got more ‘seasonal’ images from the campaign to release later in the year so make sure you stay tuned!

© Nick Daly

Family_Thoughtful_Portrait_Lifestyle© Nick Daly

BBQ_Lifestyle© Nick Daly

Picnic_Couple_B_Lifestyle© Nick Daly

LPA Awards

August 7, 2014

We’re proud to announce that LPA photographer Nick Daly and LPA Futures photographer Oliver Haupt have recently scooped some very impressive awards.

Nick Daly won gold in the ‘Best Unlisted/International Report’ category at the Corporate & Financial Awards for his work with Conran Design on the Cancer Research 2013 Report and Review. He was rewarded for his ability to communicate a complex topic in a straightforward manner, to meet and surpass the requirements placed on corporate reporting and on the quality of the completed work. Always getting the best out of his subjects, Nick’s images are full of natural warmth and solidarity, highlighting the power of humanity over hardship and illness.


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly

Meanwhile our talented Futures photographer Oliver Haupt has swept the board at the PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2014, winning gold for his ‘Transporter’ series in the  ‘Professional Advertising Self Promotion’ and ‘Professional Advertising Calendar’ categories.  He also won Silver for his ‘Youth’ and ‘High Noon’ series’ in the ‘Professional Portraiture’ category, and bronze in the ‘Professional Advertising’ category for the teaser poster for the film ‘Las brujas de Zurragarmurdi’.


© Oliver haupt


© Oliver Haupt

A huge well done to both photographers on these achievements!

LPA Moving Image / Nick Daly / Carillion

April 7, 2014

LPA Photographer Nick Daly shot the campaign ‘Lifeguards’ for leading support service company ‘Carillion’, which works across markets such as construction, engineering, education, health and government.

Below is a short behind the scenes film shot during ‘Lifeguards’ where the motto is for every staff member to be responsible for site safety and reporting unsafe procedures. Nick regularly shoots for Carillion, and these images in particular showcase Nick’s great people skills and appreciation for colour.


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly (more…)

LPA Photographers / Nick Daly / Brighton Swimming Club

March 5, 2014

We love this recent shoot by LPA Photographer Nick Daly capturing Brighton Swimming Club braving the cold waters of the Channel.

These shots are actually from a recce for a personal project which Nick has planned for later in March. For the actual shoot Nick intends to shoot from whilst being in the water himself, with special waterproof housing for his camera, in order to capture the swimmers completely surrounded by water. These models all volunteered to be part of the shoot, and several make it a habit to swim the channel when they can! Impressive stuff!


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly (more…)

LPA Photographers / Nick Daly / Personal Project / The Serpentine

January 16, 2014

LPA Photographer Nick Daly gives us a refreshing take on getting the most out of winter with these shots of early morning swimmers braving the waters of the Serpentine.

These swimmers are part of the Serpentine Swimming Club taking place at Hyde Park lido every morning between 6:30 – 9:30 am. The dawn lighting bathes the scenes in a soft ambience painting a picture of serenity and camaraderie with the group of swimmers. However beautiful it may be though, we’re not sure it would be enough to beckon us into the freezing waters of the Serpentine before the sun has risen!


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


LPA Photographers / Nick Daly / WMW / M&S

December 19, 2013

These newly released images by Nick Daly capture the new M&S depot in Castle Donington in all its clean, graphic glory.

Built from 4000 tonnes of steel, the building features 900,000 square feet of storage, as well as the largest solar wall in Europe! Currently being used in M&S recruitment campaigns, Nick’s flawless photographic style echoes the complex, immaculate construction and picks out the intricate detail.


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly (more…)

Nick Daly / Conran Design / Cancer Research UK

August 29, 2013

Back at the start of Summer, Nick Daly was commissioned by Conran Design Group to shoot these beautifully heartfelt and natural images for Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

Shot at several locations throughout the country, Nick captured all the fabulous work which CRUK do in order to battle against the disease, and help those who have lost loved ones. Always getting the best out of his models, Nick’s images are full of natural warmth and solidarity, highlighting the power of humanity over hardship and illness. Nick’s portraits really stand out among the series and definitely have real impact.

© Nick Daly

© Nick Daly

© Nick Daly

CRUK-Hamish4698 (more…)

Happy Father’s Day from LPA

June 14, 2013

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, we thought we’d get you in a caring mood with work from our photographers.

Whether you’re getting him a pair of socks, golf paraphernalia, whiskey or some slippers, we all love our dads and we want to wish all fathers out there a great Sunday!

© Nick Daly

© Nick David

© Michael Heffernan

© Julian Calverley

LPA Spotlight / Corporate Photography

February 11, 2013


Nick Daly / British Safety Council / Case Studies

January 16, 2013

LPA photographer Nick Daly was recently commissioned to shoot a series of case study images for the British Safety Council.

Shot across five different locations in the UK, Nick was briefed to capture a variety location portraits alongside some wider contextual shots. Below is a small selection of our favourites including some fantastic natural portraits in true Nick style.


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


© Nick Daly


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