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LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / Conran Design Group / CRUK

March 16, 2015

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison continues his partnership with Conran Design Group and CRUK with these new images.

Patrick travelled the length and breadth of the country, shooting real patients in a series of inspiring and sensitive portraits for the charity. Great work as always Patrick – nice to see the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in there too!

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / OPX / McKinsey & Company

March 4, 2015

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison was recently commissioned by OPX to shoot these bright and youthful portraits for McKinsey & Company

Part of a social initiative to get young people into work across the globe, Patrick’s natural and warm approach to photography fitted perfectly with the brief. Patrick worked with a selection of models representing the multi-cultutral face of the globe and, in his own words, ‘managed to make the East End look like Kenya, Mexico, India, US, Spain and the Far East’. Here are a selection of our favourites…

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / McCann / Tenpin

February 16, 2015

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison was recently commissioned by McCann to shoot an image library for bowling alley giant Tenpin.

With branches right across the UK, Tenpin offer arcade games, karaoke, pool, laser quest and other fun activities as well as bowling. Patrick shot in branches in Northampton and London and captured the fun of a day out in his trademark style of ‘real moments’. Here are a few of our favourites…

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison


LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / Departures Design / Welsh Government

September 29, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison has been continuing his work with Departures Design and the Welsh Government, heading to The National Eisteddfod of Wales to capture the excitement of the event.

A multi-disciplinary cultural festival, the Eisteddfod brings together the best of theatre, music, the visual arts and much more. Patrick traveled to the quaint village of Meifod, Powys where the event is held and came back with some lovely, natural images which capture the British summer perfectly.

_V9R9293© Patrick Harrison

_V9R9804© Patrick Harrison

_V9R9613© Patrick Harrison


The Brief / Anthony Nolan / NHS Stem Cell Registry Annual Review

July 25, 2014

The Brief is a quarterly feature on the LPA blog which takes a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot.


Photographer: Patrick Harrison

Client: Anthony Nolan

Title: Together for Better

Art Director: Dilhan Attanayake

Shoot dates: February 2014

Usage: Annual Review, UK, 1 year

This time we centre The Brief on a project Patrick Harrison has recently completed for UK Charity Anthony Nolan, the NHS and the Department of Health.  Having worked with Patrick previously, the client knew his natural reportage-style approach and knack for capturing his subjects in their own environments (see below) would make him perfect for the job.


© Patrick Harrison / East Village


© Patrick Harrison / GMC

The Brief:

The original brief from Dilhan Attanayake, the Creative Studio Manager at Anthony Nolan and Art Director for the shoot, was to produce a series of portraits for the Anthony Nolan and NHS Stem Cell Registry 2014 Annual Review.  Each portrait would capture a different person associated with the cause, from the chief executive of Anthony Nolan to donors themselves.  The purpose was to mark achievements made in stem cell transplantation so far, and to measure further progress that can be made.  The images needed to be natural and engaging, with a contemporary feel.

The Shoot Prep:

This involved:

Photographer’s Requirements:

• Photographic expenses for x 4 half day shoots – digi-capture, equipment and lighting kit, post-production


• Photographer’s 1st Assistant


• Expenses – Travel & mileage to Nottingham, Leicester, RAF Brize Norton and North London


• Couriers, mobile and production insurance

The Location:

It was decided that Patrick would shoot each subject in his or her own working environment, which saw him traveling across the country and meeting lots of interesting people affiliated with the cause.  Patrick’s ability to capture people in a spontaneous and genuine manner has resulted in final imagery that is sincere and anchors the message of the Annual Review perfectly.

Patrick shot the stem cell donors in Nottingham, Leicester and RAF Brize Norton, as well as shooting representatives from Anthony Nolan and the NHS in London.

The Shoot

This was a successful and enjoyable shoot for both Patrick and the client, who both commented on how smooth the process was.  Here Patrick reveals a bit about the things he needed to consider upon receiving the brief:

“This was a really nice portrait brief from Anthony Nolan. The client and the art director were present for the first shoot, which was the perfect opportunity to discuss how best to approach the other shoots as I would be doing these alone with an assistant.

We discussed that all the portraits would be used bleed on a single page A4 portrait format with no text so shooting with this in mind meant all the shots taken were usable. The tone of the portraits was the other major consideration. They needed to be focused and direct, capturing and communicating the strength and openness of all involved. The pictures would be used to encourage others to consider being a donor in the future so this wasn’t a light hearted brief. 

I love photographing real life stories and meeting new and inspiring people is always rewarding. My aim is always to make those people feel as special as possible, and to be sensitive to their wishes. This ultimately means making quick decisions about possible locations / backgrounds and working as a team with the assistant to put everyone at ease. The experience should appear to be effortless and should hopefully be rewarding and enjoyable for all and not like a bad trip to the dentist, which is probably what most people are expecting! 

The final images were printed beautifully and seeing them for the first time was really exciting, I don’t think I’ll ever lose that feeling!” 

Case Study 1:

Andrew Parry, Survival equipment fitter at RAF Brize Norton.


© Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Health

Case Study 2:

Zach Hughes, Fit Panel Member from Leicester.


© Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Health

Case Study 3:

Ross Kirk, Physics teacher from Mansfield.


© Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Health

Here’s what Dilhan had to say about working with Patrick:

“The right Imagery on this project was key to its success as we wanted to show how individuals from everyday backgrounds could, by a selfless act, save the life of a person with blood cancer, by donating their stem cells and registering as a donor on NHS Blood or the Anthony Nolan register. The individuals in the images taken by Patrick Harrison came from all walks of life and in this respect we wanted the images to reflect them and their surroundings in an honest, realistic way that Patrick’s captures effortlessly.

The team at LPA were fantastic from our initial conversation about the idea to the delivery of the final images, they made everything run so seamlessly that all we had to do was concentrate on making sure that we had a worthy design to marry Patrick’s beautiful images.”

photo 1

The Annual Review © Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Heath

photo 2

© Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Health

Photoshoot Glossary

Art Director: Responsible for the overseeing the visual direction of the shoot.

Annual Review: A comprehensive report on an organisation’s activities throughout the preceding year, intended to give people information of key work, achievements and financial performance.

Digi-capture: The process of taking the photos on a photoshoot, capturing the images with a digital camera.

Post-production: Varies from light colour correcting to more complex retouching e.g colour treatments, multipart comping.

1st Assistant: The photographer’s right hand man on a shoot, who’s responsibility is to do all the tasks required so the photographer is free to concentrate on taking the pictures.  They would usually be quite involved in the lighting and digital downloading.


LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / Conran Design / CRUK

June 30, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison was recently commissioned by Conran Design to shoot fifteen stories for the Cancer Research UK Annual Review.

From Stirling to Southampton, Patrick travelled the length of the British Isles to shoot some truly inspirational people. Known for his sensitive and considered approach, Patrick is gifted at maintaining a narrative throughout his projects. Beautiful work as always Patrick.

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison


LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / Bank of England

June 17, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison recently went to the impressive Bank of England HQ on Threadneedle Street to shoot some images of the staff at work.

Well-known for his natural, reportage style approach to corporate shoots, Patrick moved around the bank taking candid and spontaneous shots of the employees going about their day to day. Great work as always Patrick!

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / Dew Gibbons + Partners

April 24, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison recently worked with Dew Gibbons + Partners on this fun shoot at the agency’s headquarters.

Known for their innovative work with beauty, health and prestige brands such as Aussie, Davidoff and Sassoon, Patrick spent a day at the agency capturing their work culture. Well experienced in reportage shoots around the office, Patrick always brings a creative approach to his work and we love the images, especially the dog!

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison


LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / GMC

April 15, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison recently worked with the GMC (General Medical Council) to shoot these candid and sensitive images.

Patrick’s easy going and warm character makes him perfect for this kind of shoot, getting the best out of models both old and young. LPA Style’s Alice Timms provided the props and styling and make-up artist Claire Louise ensured that all models looked their best on set.

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

_PH_7874 (more…)

LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan

April 1, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison‘s sensitive and empathetic style won him this commission for the Anthony Nolan and NHS Stem Cell Registry.

These portraits are of stem cell donors Zach, Andrew and Ross who have all saved someone’s life with their selfless act of donating cells. The whole production involved four different shoots, shot on location in the donor’s environments including an RAF base in Brize Norton and a physics classroom. The images were then used as full page spreads in Anthony Nolan’s annual review brochure to help illustrate the organisation’s commendable work.

Inspired to help save lives of people with blood cancer? Click here


© Patrick Harrison


© Patrick Harrison


© Patrick Harrison


© Patrick Harrison

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