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LPA Photographers / Sam Stowell / Geometry@JWT / Diageo

September 29, 2015

LPA Photographer Sam Stowell was recently commissioned by the team at Geometry@JWT to shoot for drinks giant, Diageo.

Working with Art Director Richard (Chunky) Gorton-Lee, Sam worked on Diageo’s famous whisky brands to shoot some tempting signature serves and bottle shots. Big thanks to home economist Cara Hobday and props stylist Rebecca Newport for their great work on set as well.

© Sam Stowell

LPA Photographers / Sam Stowell / Jamie Magazine

July 10, 2015

LPA Photographer Sam Stowell has shot some delicious images for the latest edition of Jamie Magazine, including the cover shot. 

Exploring the tastes and colours of Spain, Sam’s summery alfresco inspired images are giving us plenty of ideas to make the most of the sun!

© Sam Stowell

© Sam Stowell

© Sam Stowell

LPA In Focus / Food & Drink Photography

July 6, 2015


LPA Photographers / Sam Stowell / Jamie Magazine

March 10, 2015

Earlier this year, one of LPA Photographers Sam Stowell’s  tempting stories for Jamie Magazine was published.

Working with food stylist Sunil Vijayakar, Sam captured the stages of making delicious rye bread. We love the results and wouldn’t mind a piece ourselves!

© Sam Stowell

© Sam Stowell

LPA In Focus / Food & Drink Photography

February 12, 2015


LPA Photographers / Sam Stowell / Jamie Magazine

October 28, 2014

As we descend into chilly autumn, why not take some inspiration from this recent shoot by LPA Photographer Sam Stowell for Jamie Magazine to keep you warm.

Shooting a range of Indian dishes including a spicy egg curry and a Bengali dal, Sam worked with chef and food writer Maunika Gowardha to ensure each dish looked as tempting as the next. We love the rich, indulgent tones which Sam manages to capture and we’re certainly going to be trying a few out soon!

© Sam Stowell

© Sam Stowell

© Sam Stowell

© Sam Stowell

LPA Photographers / Sam Stowell / Good Food Magazine

September 23, 2014

LPA Photographer Sam Stowell is giving us major lunch envy with these delicious shots from Good Food Magazine‘s September issue.

Working with food stylist Sarah Cook, Sam juxtaposes the minimal background with the intense colours and tempting textures of the food, making it stand out in vivid detail.

baked blue cheese with figs and walnuts

© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell

© Sam Stowell

© Sam Stowell

LPA Photographers / Sam Stowell / M&S

August 28, 2014

LPA Photographer Sam Stowell was recently commissioned by M&S to photograph their Slate Range of serving platters.

Sam used simple and beautiful moody lighting to compliment the dark stone, whilst simultaneously drawing the gaze in directly to the delicious food.  He shot a diverse range from cheese to tapas, bread to fruit, showing how the platters provide elegant dining solutions for every occasion.

Lazy Susan Slate-V4.1

© Sam Stowell

Slate Rectangular Platter Closed Box-V4.1

© Sam Stowell

Slate Square Platter Closed Box-V4.1

© Sam Stowell

Slate Round Platter Closed Box-V4.1

© Sam Stowell

LPA Photographers / Sam Stowell / Jamie Magazine

August 11, 2014

LPA food photographer Sam Stowell shot this mouthwatering cover feature for the August issue of Jamie Magazine.

Sam proves his versatility by eschewing his usual rustic style for a suitably bold and bright approach in this delicious series of homemade ice cream recipes. The vibrant colours and simple framing make the ice cream look amazing, and we love the way in which the model’s nails are used to compliment each shot.

Sam is a firm favourite at Jamie magazine and has been shooting for them since issue 2.  This shoot was a particularly fun one, with lots of yummy ice cream tasting as a bonus!


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell

photo 1

© Sam Stowell

The Brief / Toby Carvery / JWT / Sam Stowell

November 29, 2013

And now, the second of our new series ‘The Brief’, an insightful behind the scenes look at what goes into a photoshoot. This month, Sam Stowell’s recent campaign for Toby Carvery through leading London advertising agency JWT.

The Brief

The brief was to create a Press, instore and digital advertising campaign named ‘Sarge Says’ including images of head training chef at Toby Carvery, Sarge, preparing food. The press ads were to be accompanied by ‘Toby Tips’ such as how to cook the perfect roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, plus tips on carving your roast beef and crunching up your crumble topping.

Eight final images were needed in total, four more set up shots focusing on the food to accompany the tips, and four looser, more reportage shots of Sarge preparing the food. We decided the best approach would be to shoot the more set up food shots over one day and the remaining shots on day two.

Throughout the estimating and production process we liaised with with lovely art buyer Kate Congreve at JWT who passed on all the creative requirements from Richard (Chunky) Gorton – Lee, Creative Head at JWT.

Day One Brief:

 ‘These shots will show Sarge creating and getting involved with the perfect roast dinner ingredients. The main focus is on the lovely crisp, fluffy, crumbly cooked foods, showing Sarge in the background in slightly softer focus attending to each of the ingredients. Beyond Sarge the rest of the kitchen drops right out of focus.  ‘

Some of the scamps





The other four shots were to be more reportage and action in feel.

Day Two Brief:

‘These shots are all about Sarge, unlike the other shoot where food was king, in this shoot we make Sarge the hero and the food’s the supporting act.  

This is where we really see Sarge at work in the kitchen. Getting the feel that he’s getting amongst it and preparing some great food. We’ll see him whisking, ruffling, chopping, peeling, sharpening carving knifes, putting stuff in and taking things out of the oven…etc. I want to get a real feel of the movement, energy and the excitement that goes into making great food. ‘

JWT provided us with an extremely detailed shot list, which was great so everyone knew the requirements and expectations. We also agreed the best approach for the second day was to shoot particular set ups but from different angles in a  looser fashion capturing as much as possible.   

You can see why Sam was chosen for this shoot, he is as comfortable and experienced shooting close ups of food as he is reportage shots of people with food and happy to be versatile with art directed shots plus a more spontaneous approach.

Here are some examples of shots from Sam’s portfolio…


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell

The Location:

The idea for the whole shoot was to shoot in a kitchen as the backdrop so it looks like a development kitchen rather than a Toby kitchen. So Sam’s own studios were ideal as he has two adjacent studios both with kitchens ; so one could be used to feature in the actual shoot whilst food was being prepared in the other.

We sent images of Sam’s kitchens over for client approval as we would when featuring any location on a shoot. The usual process when featuring a location in a shoot however would involve a location scout and recce but Sam’s studios were perfect. (more…)

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