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LPA Style / Alice Timms / Senior Style

July 16, 2014

Though the young are often see as today’s trendsetters, LPA Style’s Alice Timms shows us that being in your 50s can be equally fabulous!

Shot by the supremely talented Liam Arthur, Alice’s beautiful propping and styling brings her fabulous model into a variety of situations, whether working or relaxing. A great idea with results which speak for themselves!

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

LPA Style / Alice Timms & Victoria Poland / Portraits

May 6, 2014

LPA Style stylist Alice Timms and hair & make-up artist Victoria Poland recently worked with photographer Liam Arthur on this somewhat eerie and melancholic portrait series.

Inspired by Australian contemporary artist Bill Henson, the images are full of crime drama suspense and a film noir aesthetic. Victoria heightened the sense of tension through her hair & make-up skills making the subjects look weary and sweaty whilst Alice’s simple styling added a sense of reality to the shoot. Lovely work ladies!

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

LPA In Focus / LPA Style

April 15, 2014


LPA Style / Alice Timms / Kite Eyewear

April 11, 2014

LPA Style’s Alice Timms recently collaborated with photographer Jon Enoch on this modern and fresh fashion shoot for new eyewear brand, Kite.

Shot around Shoreditch, including The Book Club, Alice brought her creative eye to both the advertising campaign images and staff uniforms for the new flagship store in Westfield Stratford. We love the summery feel of these images and fashion forward approach which Alice brings to every shoot. Take a look at this great article on Design Week to read about the Kite brand and to see some more of Alice’s images.

© Jon Enoch

© Jon Enoch

© Jon Enoch

© Jon Enoch

LPA Production / Julian Calverley / Cygnus Associates / Interflora

March 10, 2014

In addition to representing some of the best photographers in the business, LPA also incorporates a full production company, LPA Production, to help with all of your shoot needs. Whether you need help with part of your shoot or the whole thing, our friendly and experienced team are ready to help. We thought we’d give you a little taste of a recent shoot to show you what we can do for you. 

LPA Photographer Julian Calverley was recently commissioned by Cygnus Associates to shoot some heartfelt and tender images for florist giant, Interflora. In addition to Julian’s great photography, we sought out help from other members of the LPA team to lend their experience and expertise. Over the course of the two day shoot, LPA producer Jonathon arranged all the nitty gritty shoot logistics from transport and accommodation to catering and invoicing – all those little things your really don’t want to be thinking about if you’re shooting.

LPA Style’s Alice Timms sourced wardrobe and occaison-themed props (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day) for 9 models for the shoot whilst Victoria Poland provided the natural hair and make-up looks, making sure all the models had a natural glowing warmth!

We appreciate that every shoot is different and our years of combined experience mean that we really have dealt with everything so why not send us through a brief and see what we can do for your shoot, whether you’re commissioning or getting commissioned.

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

LPA Style / Alice Timms / Bioglan Superfood

February 11, 2014

LPA Style Alice Timms worked her magic on this moving image short for Bioglan Superfood. The fresh, vibrant colours and delicious choice of healthy foods certainly makes our mouths water, and the promise of all the health benefits can’t be a bad thing either!

LPA Futures / Michela Nale / Vintage Childhood

November 14, 2013

LPA Futures Michela Nale created these whimsical, pretty photographs with the expert eye of LPA Stylist Alice Timms who put together the old school, bohemian clothing, and LPA Style Claire Portman who created the hair and beauty looks.

We love the antique colours, adorable expressions and cute situations with the map, binoculars and vintage radio. The shoot captures childhood innocence and discovery of the world, whilst taking it all in and sometimes going a little crazy!


© Photographer / Michela Nale / Stylist / Alice Timms


© Photographer / Michela Nale / Stylist / Alice Timms


© Photographer / Michela Nale / Stylist / Alice Timms (more…)

LPA Style / Alice Timms / Comic Genius

November 12, 2013

LPA Stylist Alice Timms did a fantastic job styling renowned British comedians, photographed by Matt Hoyle, for a new book entitled ‘Comic Genius: Portraits of Funny People’.

Alice Timms put her excellent eye and attention to detail to good use during this shoot, styling Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Michael Palin and Tim Minchin, who will all feature in the book. We love how charismatic and inventive the images are, and how the humorous ideas capture the comedians in their best light. The book is to raise money for Save the Children and can be purchased here.


© Matt Hoyle (photographer) / Alice Timms (stylist)


© Matt Hoyle (photographer) / Alice Timms (stylist)


© Matt Hoyle (photographer) / Alice Timms (stylist)


© Matt Hoyle (photographer) / Alice Timms (stylist)


© Matt Hoyle (photographer) / Alice Timms (stylist)

LPA Style / Alice Timms / Elephant in The Room

August 19, 2013

These images styled by Alice Timms and shot by Liam Arthur are impossible to ignore,  their bizarrely over-sized characters drawing us into a parallel universe where things are not quite as they seem.

LPA Style’s Alice has dressed the subjects here in clever  symbiosis with their surrounding environments, painting an idea of their line of work and story in life. The incongruous sizing of the photographs also makes us question the often ambiguous line between reality and fiction.


© Liam Arthur


© Liam Arthur


© Liam Arthur


© Liam Arthur


© Liam Arthur


© Liam Arthur

LPA Style / Alice Timms / Sunny D

August 8, 2013

LPA Stylist Alice put the sparkle into this Schweppes shoot with photographer Igor Emmerich for well loved brand Sunny D.

Alice is gifted at working with children and her clothing and styling options here help to bring out the playful character of this shoot. We’re sure that the images will put the bounce back into your step!


© Igor Emmerich


© Igor Emmerich


© Igor Emmerich

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