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LPA Style/ Claire Louise/ Personal

June 19, 2015

LPA Style’s Claire Louise recently provided the hair & makeup for these lovely beauty shots with photographer Jose Tio.

The brief called for a natural look so Claire worked on bringing out the contours and highlights of face with neutral tones and creamy textures. For the hair she used tongs to create movement and body whilst retaining a relaxed, undone feel. Claire’s talents stretch across fashion & beauty, commercial lifestyle and SFX and she always succeeds in making models look their very best!


© Jose Tio


© Jose Tio


© Jose Tio

LPA Style / Alice Timms / Personal Project

September 16, 2014

LPA Style’s Alice Timms collaborated with the very talented Liam Arthur and LPA’s fabulous hair & make-up artist Claire Louise for this ethereal fashion story.

Alice uses texture and colour to glorious effect in the creation of these hauntingly beautiful images. Her great eye for fabric enhances Liam’s wonderfully subtle lighting to create some gorgeous collaborative work.

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

© Liam Arthur

LPA Style / Claire Louise / Halfords / Women’s Cycling

August 27, 2014

Claire Louise recently worked with Halfords and Women’s Cycling Magazine on this great cover shoot.

Claire provided the natural grooming for Olympian Victoria Pendleton who has collaborated with Halfords on a range of bicycles.  Here’s what Claire had to say about the shoot:

“This shoot was really low key and fun.  We grabbed a bike each (I chose the Pendleton with the basket on the front for my kit) and had a lovely ride round to the location on a nearby country lane.  It was a brilliant sunny day and everything went really smoothly.  I ended the day by secretly racing to get back first so I could say I beat an Olympic gold medalist but she sailed past with no effort at all!”

Issue 8 is out now – cycling fanatics grab your copy whilst you can!

Women's Cycling

© Claire Louise

LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Savvy / Adidas

August 18, 2014

LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison recently worked with retail specialist Savvy on this great project for Adidas

Shot on location at the luxurious Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire, Kerry brought a more urban edge to the normally very gentile sport of golf. LPA Style’s Alice Timms provided the great sports luxe looks while Claire Louise was on hand to make sure all the male models looked their very best. Fab team effort as always guys and lovely results.

ADIDAS2© Kerry Harrison

ADIDAS3© Kerry Harrison

ADIDAS1© Kerry Harrison

LPA In Focus / LPA Style

April 15, 2014


5 Minutes With / LPA Style / Claire Louise

March 27, 2014

We spent 5 minutes with LPA Style Hair and Make Up Artist Claire Louise to find out about whether a life of beautifying celebs and models is as glamorous as it sounds! Claire Louise’s diverse skill sees her traverse the worlds of music, fashion, film and TV with ease as well as working regularly on LPA photoshoots. Read on to find out more…


Claire Louise working her magic on set

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I trained in the following areas..

Fashion and photographic, film and TV, SPFX, prosthetics, wig making and dressing and hair styling. Over the last 10 years I have worked in the West End, on music promos, fashion shows, films, TV, live performances, photo shoots and commercials. I have a keen interest in natural health, beauty and well being. I practice reiki and massage in my spare time (sometimes on jobs too). I also write health and beauty articles for various sites and magazines.

How did you become a Hair & Make up Artist?

I always wanted to be a make up artist but was never really sure how to get into it. When I was little I would use my Mum’s eye shadows to create bruises and black eyes on people (I was a charming child). I wanted to do all the gory make up you see on horror films, it’s come as bit of a surprise that I actually prefer to do beauty make up these days. I did various other jobs but could never settle so I decided to pack it all in and retrain, I haven’t looked back since.

What’s your favourite part about the job?

The amazing locations I’ve been lucky enough to shoot in and the experiences I’ve had… sometimes it feels a bit cheeky that I’m actually being paid to be there.

The constant flow of inspiring, interesting and fun people I meet.

The best feeling is helping someone feel better about themselves – I recently did a private lesson with a lady with severe Vitiligo on her face and body. I showed her how to use make up to even out the tone. She was so happy to learn how to do it she cried.


© Jasper White

Which is the more challenging part?

The long hours or early starts and sometimes (very rarely) the lack of routine.

What are the main skills you need as a Hair & Make up artist?

Discretion, diplomacy and punctuality. To be able to work as part of  team – A shoot is a team effort and everyone feels passionately about their ideas, you have to be able compromise and adapt to get the best results.

To keep up to date with whats happening in the industry and keep your skills updated. A knowledge of art and fashion and colour theory are pretty helpful too. (more…)

LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / Saatchi Masius / Radisson Hotel Group

December 16, 2013

Iain Crockart recently shot this interesting shoot for the Radisson Hotel Group training school ‘Edge’, with the skilful aid of LPA Style Charlie Cave, and  Claire Louise.

This shoot and advertising concept by Saatchi Masius combines the idea of how motivation in your personal life for a passion or hobby can improve performance in the professional workplace. Charlie’s imaginative styling and Claire’s attention to hair and make up definitely complements Iain’s expert eye behind the lens.


© Iain Crockart


© Iain Crockart (more…)

LPA Style / Claire Louise / Nokia Lumia

July 22, 2013

LPA Style’s Claire Louise recently collaborated on this fantastic moving image work for Nokia.

Creating the fabulous rock-inspired make-up looks, the video showcases the power of the Nokia Lumia at recording live sound – the copy as good as the original. Great work Claire as always!



LPA Style / Claire Louise & Alice Timms / Unilever

May 13, 2013

LPA Style’s Claire Louise and Alice Timms have recently been working with Igor Emmerich, shooting a great series of Unilever products, from shampoo to margarine!

Commissioned by Red Letter Design, these natural images showcase Claire’s great sensitive approach to hair and make-up. Alice didn’t have too much wardrobe to source for the shower scenes but the other shots look great! If only we looked that fresh-faced whilst showering at 7am!

© Igor Emmerich

© Igor Emmerich

© Igor Emmerich

Michael Heffernan / Halfords / Victoria Pendleton

April 3, 2013

Team LPA were lucky enough to recently work on a shoot with Olympic gold medalist and British icon Victoria Pendleton for Halfords.

Shot by Michael Heffernan in and around the beautiful snow-covered Ragley Hall, Victoria looks a pro as a model! Hair and make-up looks were created by Claire Louise whilst super stylist Alice Timms provided the wardrobe. Though the whole team was great, brownie points definitely go to Alice: Victoria loved this coat so much she wore it to accept her CBE from the Queen the following day! Here is a taster of the shoot.

© Michael Heffernan

Behind the scenes with team LPA, good shot Dani!

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