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LPA Pop Up Agency Open Day

June 4, 2014

LPA hosted our very first Pop Up Agent Open Day last Wednesday, 21st May, where a variety of photographers came in to see us for advice regarding their portfolios and to learn more about the LPA Production service.

Lisa and Tom were on hand to give portfolio reviews, with expertise gathered over the years visiting numerous leading ad and design agencies with a variety of photographers books, whilst Lauren and Jonathan explained more about the LPA Production service.

Lisa offers a personalised portfolio review service at LPA, where she can offer an honest appraisal of your work and advice on marketing. The reviews are proving really popular amongst both established and up and coming photographers! Read more about them here.

Likewise the LPA Production service is gaining in momentum amongst unrepresented photographers who are looking for a hand with producing photoshoots. The team at LPA can take care of everything from estimating, to logistics of complex international shoots. If interested please don’t hesitate to get in touch. More information again here.


Above: Lisa talking to photographer Nick Carman

Testimonials from the day:

Thank you so much to you, Tom and Jonathan for your advice and feedback. It was an excellent opportunity to show my work to industry professionals, and it’s really nice to know that I am on the right tracks with my work. It was also good to have some honest impartial feedback about what to do for the future. When I need someone to help negotiate for a job in the future, I will definitely be coming your way! Hopefully see you again soon.

Tom Leighton

Thanks for the portfolio review and feedback Lisa Pritchard. Invaluable stuff! Cheers

Tom Broadbent

Just had a good meeting and portfolio review with these lovely folks at Lisa Pritchard. Thanks guys

Matt Humphrey


Above: Tom and Lauren talking to photographer Matt Humphrey

Keep an eye on our blog and social networks for the next Pop Up Agency Open Day!

LPA / Pop Up Agent Open Day / Wednesday 21st May

April 28, 2014



As one of the UK’s most well known agents, did you know LPA offers a unique ‘Pop Up Agent’ service to photographers who aren’t represented?

Two of the main benefits of having an agent are:

- We can give you some honest feedback on your portfolio, how suitable it is for the commercial market and how it might develop into more commissions.

- We can negotiate shoot fees, expenses and contracts and oversee all shoot logistics so you can just get on with taking the pictures.

LPA provides both these services to photographers without agents as part of its LPA Portfolio Reviews and LPA Production divisions.

For a full menu and price list of either of these ‘Pop Up’ Agent services please get in touch with us at

To give you a little taster of what we can offer, we are pleased to announce our first ever Pop Up Agent Open Day.

WHEN: Wednesday 21st May 2014
TIME: Slots between 10 am – 6 pm
WHAT: 15 minutes folio review followed by 15 minutes production chat


If you are interested please get in touch with us at
Places are limited.
Deadline is 7th May.
We’ll let you know by 9th May as to whether you have a slot.



The Portfolio Review element of the day is a taster of what a full length Portfolio Review at LPA would be like.

Each month Lisa Pritchard, founder of LPA, offers one to one sessions at the LPA HQ in central London, which entail an honest appraisal of your photography and photography brand. The only agent in town to offer this service, book your slot now as place are limited.

So, whether you’d just like a one hour general review, a serious editing job on your website or a full brand and marketing overhaul we can help.

Here is what photographer Nathan Gallagher had to say about the reviews:

“A visit to Lisa Pritchard Agency was exactly what I needed to help me progress as a photographer. I found their knowledge and experience invaluable and would recommend their service to anyone looking to move their photographic business forward.”


© Nathan Gallagher



During your one to one session the team will also explain more about LPA Production and what it can offer you.

Covering every element of your shoot, whatever the budget, timescale or nature of your project, just some of our services include:

- Estimating usage fees (as consultant or negotiator)
- Estimating production expenses
- Securing funds in advance
- Dealing with all paperwork from estimate to final invoice to client
- Scheduling, preproduction and shoot
- Hiring crew
- Casting
- Styling
- Location scouting
- Permits and releases
- Moving Image
- Travel and accommodation
- Catering
- Call sheets
- Post production
- Budget reconciliation/final billing
- Negotiating additional usage

We effortlessly take care of all the red tape leaving you to get on with the creative side!

Read more here about LPA Production services.


The Brief / Specsavers / Coochie Hart / Kerry Harrison

April 25, 2014

The Brief is a regular feature on the LPA blog which takes a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot. 


Photographer: Kerry Harrison
Client: Specsavers
Title: Little Angels and Little Monsters
Agency: Coochie Hart
Art Director: Michael Hutchinson
Production: LPA Production
Models: Sienna Rose White ( Top Talent) & Charlie Yhap (BMA)
Stylist: Alice Timms (LPA Style)
HMU: Claire Louise Mazik (LPA Style)
Shoot dates: March 2014
Usage: All print media & digital, to include but not limited to POS, DM, Posters, OOH, magazines, press, PR. ATL & BTL Worldwide,

When this fun brief came along from Specsavers, we knew LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison was perfect for the job.


© Kerry Harrison (more…)

LPA Production / Julian Calverley / Cygnus Associates / Interflora

March 10, 2014

In addition to representing some of the best photographers in the business, LPA also incorporates a full production company, LPA Production, to help with all of your shoot needs. Whether you need help with part of your shoot or the whole thing, our friendly and experienced team are ready to help. We thought we’d give you a little taste of a recent shoot to show you what we can do for you. 

LPA Photographer Julian Calverley was recently commissioned by Cygnus Associates to shoot some heartfelt and tender images for florist giant, Interflora. In addition to Julian’s great photography, we sought out help from other members of the LPA team to lend their experience and expertise. Over the course of the two day shoot, LPA producer Jonathon arranged all the nitty gritty shoot logistics from transport and accommodation to catering and invoicing – all those little things your really don’t want to be thinking about if you’re shooting.

LPA Style’s Alice Timms sourced wardrobe and occaison-themed props (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day) for 9 models for the shoot whilst Victoria Poland provided the natural hair and make-up looks, making sure all the models had a natural glowing warmth!

We appreciate that every shoot is different and our years of combined experience mean that we really have dealt with everything so why not send us through a brief and see what we can do for your shoot, whether you’re commissioning or getting commissioned.

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

The Brief / Edwardian Group London / ED.G.E. / Saatchi Masius / Iain Crockart

February 27, 2014

The Brief is a quarterly feature on the LPA Blog that takes a behind the scenes look at what goes into a photoshoot, from brief to final images. This month we bring you a clever campaign for Edwardian Group London’s training school ED.G.E. We even include a handy photoshoot glossary!

Photographer: Iain Crockart
Client: Edwardian Group London
Agency: Saatchi Masius
Design Director: Joseph Luffman
Account Director: Adam Brani
Account Manager: Tom Rudge
Usage: Recruitment campaign for Edwardian Group London training school (ED.G.E) plus internal posters, website and induction materials.

The Brief

LPA Photographer Iain Crockart was commissioned by Saatchi Masius for a great little campaign for the Edwardian Group London Training school ‘ED.G.E’. Known for photographing ‘real people’ in real environments but also used to big productions with a shoot crew, Iain was the perfect man for the job.


© Iain Crockart

”Essentially we want to shoot EGL hotel employees (from chefs and porters through to management) with props that help to develop a narrative about key ‘behaviours’ that EGL want to promote. So an example could be a chef holding a map of Italy, to promote passionate behaviour. The narratives are currently being developed and we’d be interested in sharing the early drafts with you at some point, to get your input on how we can use props and lighting to best support the stories.

We’re hoping that we can shoot in around 3/4 weeks time and I’m estimating that we’ll need around 2 days.

To get the ball rolling from our side, my colleague Tom Rudge will be in touch to ask about day rates etc and as we move forward we can hopefully book in a kick-off meeting with you.”

Joe Luffman, the Design Director at Saatchi Masius initially told Iain. (more…)

LPA Production / Rowan Fee / Cubo

January 23, 2014

In addition to representing some of the best photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists in the business, don’t forget we also offer a full production service, LPA Production. 

Our in house production team and solid roster of freelance crew not only provides support to our own photographers but also a variety of other clients and offers a Pop up Agent service. Our clients include commissioners of photography from advertising and design agencies to overseas photographers to photographers without agents. Whether you need urgent costs for a complex shoot, or would just like us to schedule and attend a production, our talents are varied!

To give you a little taste of what we can do, we thought we’d share a recent production for advertising agency Cubo.

Still-life supremo Rowan Fee was commissioned to shoot an image for one of Cubo’s clients. We cast a hand model for the shoot and sourced the perfect studio. In addition we took care of the nitty-gritty, sorting all the paperwork and making sure everything ran on time and within budget. ‘From a production point of view, the shoot was relatively straightforward. However, as we had just three days to turn the shoot around, deadlines were tight and we had to be at the top of our game to make sure everything was perfect and to the client’s high standards’ says LPA Producer Jonathon Nixon.




The Brief / Toby Carvery / JWT / Sam Stowell

November 29, 2013

And now, the second of our new series ‘The Brief’, an insightful behind the scenes look at what goes into a photoshoot. This month, Sam Stowell’s recent campaign for Toby Carvery through leading London advertising agency JWT.

The Brief

The brief was to create a Press, instore and digital advertising campaign named ‘Sarge Says’ including images of head training chef at Toby Carvery, Sarge, preparing food. The press ads were to be accompanied by ‘Toby Tips’ such as how to cook the perfect roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, plus tips on carving your roast beef and crunching up your crumble topping.

Eight final images were needed in total, four more set up shots focusing on the food to accompany the tips, and four looser, more reportage shots of Sarge preparing the food. We decided the best approach would be to shoot the more set up food shots over one day and the remaining shots on day two.

Throughout the estimating and production process we liaised with with lovely art buyer Kate Congreve at JWT who passed on all the creative requirements from Richard (Chunky) Gorton – Lee, Creative Head at JWT.

Day One Brief:

 ‘These shots will show Sarge creating and getting involved with the perfect roast dinner ingredients. The main focus is on the lovely crisp, fluffy, crumbly cooked foods, showing Sarge in the background in slightly softer focus attending to each of the ingredients. Beyond Sarge the rest of the kitchen drops right out of focus.  ‘

Some of the scamps





The other four shots were to be more reportage and action in feel.

Day Two Brief:

‘These shots are all about Sarge, unlike the other shoot where food was king, in this shoot we make Sarge the hero and the food’s the supporting act.  

This is where we really see Sarge at work in the kitchen. Getting the feel that he’s getting amongst it and preparing some great food. We’ll see him whisking, ruffling, chopping, peeling, sharpening carving knifes, putting stuff in and taking things out of the oven…etc. I want to get a real feel of the movement, energy and the excitement that goes into making great food. ‘

JWT provided us with an extremely detailed shot list, which was great so everyone knew the requirements and expectations. We also agreed the best approach for the second day was to shoot particular set ups but from different angles in a  looser fashion capturing as much as possible.   

You can see why Sam was chosen for this shoot, he is as comfortable and experienced shooting close ups of food as he is reportage shots of people with food and happy to be versatile with art directed shots plus a more spontaneous approach.

Here are some examples of shots from Sam’s portfolio…


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell


© Sam Stowell

The Location:

The idea for the whole shoot was to shoot in a kitchen as the backdrop so it looks like a development kitchen rather than a Toby kitchen. So Sam’s own studios were ideal as he has two adjacent studios both with kitchens ; so one could be used to feature in the actual shoot whilst food was being prepared in the other.

We sent images of Sam’s kitchens over for client approval as we would when featuring any location on a shoot. The usual process when featuring a location in a shoot however would involve a location scout and recce but Sam’s studios were perfect. (more…)

LPA Production / Billington Cartmell / Ritz Crackers

July 29, 2013

This colourful and happy shoot for Ritz Crackers was produced by our team at LPA Production and photographed by former LPA Futures photographer Olly Burn (now represented by Making Pictures). After we scouted the location and cast the models, our talented girls at LPA Style completed the picture: styling by Charlie Cave and hair and make-up by Ellie Tobin.

If you are either commissioning photography or being commissioned, LPA Production can take care of any or every element of your shoot, so just give us a call!


© Olly Burn


© Olly Burn

Happy 10th Anniversary LPA!

September 17, 2012

It’s official, Lisa Pritchard Agency is 10 years old this year!

Established in 2002, LPA quickly grew to become one of the UK’s leading photographers agents and shoot producers and, we are proud to say, maintains it’s stronghold as the most innovative, professional and helpful agent in town!

So do excuse us while we blow our own trumpet a little …

Over the last decade we’ve worked with some amazing clients, photographers and crew, tackled some of the most challenging briefs (and budgets!) and organised thousands of seamless photoshoots of all shapes and sizes.

Starting out with just a handful of photographers, several of which are still with us today ( Iain Crockart, Michael Heffernan and Nick Daly) the agency has expanded over the years to incorporate some exciting divisions, including LPA Futures, LPA Style and LPA Production.

Energy, experience and efficiency, that’s what we’re known for. Aside from that we can lay claim to some very worthwhile initiatives. We support and spearhead up and coming talent with LPA Futures and the LPA Student Challenges, Lisa has written a bestselling book ”Setting Up a Successful Photography Business”,  earned a reputation as an engaging guest speaker and established the very popular Ask an Agent column. But last, and certainly not least, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the A team of staff that we have managed to maintain over the years. Jenny and Kyle in the early days ; then Holly, Alex, Luke and Bridget helped take LPA to the next level and the current creme de la creme  – production supremos Dani and Lauren, marketing whizz Alexa, newest member and fab agency assistant Tom and of course the magnificent ‘accounts department’ Georgina who has been with us from the start.

And so, lets raise a toast to 10 years of LPA and commemorate with 10 anniversary images. An image for each year, each one will depict the traditional wedding anniversary material or gift for that year. Apparently as the years go on the gifts become more precious and durable – just like LPA! Also, just like a successful marriage, we know it takes a lot of hard graft and team work to keep doing what we do so well!

First up for year one is an image by Sam Stowell and the gift of paper! We’ll bring you more anniversary gifts each week so watch this space…

Year One/Paper

© Sam Stowell

Nick Daly / Life Agency / Nivea / Million Moments of Closeness

March 14, 2012

Last year Life Agency commissioned Nick Daly to shoot a new campaign for Nivea to celebrate the brand in it’s 100th year. The campaign was hugely successful and not only won the nation’s heart but was also won the Best Strategic Thinking Within A Campaign Award at the 2012 MAA Awards.

The brief was to shoot ‘Moments of Closeness’ between family and friends who had a real relationship. With LPA Production producing the shoot, Nick and his team ventured off to 5 cities in search of real people and real closeness. First stop, Birmingham, then Brighton, London, Edinburgh and finally, Cardiff.

Laura Gibson (Account Director at Life Agency) gives us her insight…

“Nick has a great approach to his work and it was a delight working with him and his team. The images have beautiful warmth to them, we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much to Nick and his team and to LPA for doing such a fantastic job on the production.”

Here is the ‘making of’ video and some of the images Nick captured.

© Nick Daly

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