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LPA Production / Billington Cartmell / Ritz Crackers

July 29, 2013

This colourful and happy shoot for Ritz Crackers was produced by our team at LPA Production and photographed by former LPA Futures photographer Olly Burn (now represented by Making Pictures). After we scouted the location and cast the models, our talented girls at LPA Style completed the picture: styling by Charlie Cave and hair and make-up by Ellie Tobin.

If you are either commissioning photography or being commissioned, LPA Production can take care of any or every element of your shoot, so just give us a call!


© Olly Burn


© Olly Burn

Happy 10th Anniversary LPA!

September 17, 2012

It’s official, Lisa Pritchard Agency is 10 years old this year!

Established in 2002, LPA quickly grew to become one of the UK’s leading photographers agents and shoot producers and, we are proud to say, maintains it’s stronghold as the most innovative, professional and helpful agent in town!

So do excuse us while we blow our own trumpet a little …

Over the last decade we’ve worked with some amazing clients, photographers and crew, tackled some of the most challenging briefs (and budgets!) and organised thousands of seamless photoshoots of all shapes and sizes.

Starting out with just a handful of photographers, several of which are still with us today ( Iain Crockart, Michael Heffernan and Nick Daly) the agency has expanded over the years to incorporate some exciting divisions, including LPA Futures, LPA Style and LPA Production.

Energy, experience and efficiency, that’s what we’re known for. Aside from that we can lay claim to some very worthwhile initiatives. We support and spearhead up and coming talent with LPA Futures and the LPA Student Challenges, Lisa has written a bestselling book ”Setting Up a Successful Photography Business”,  earned a reputation as an engaging guest speaker and established the very popular Ask an Agent column. But last, and certainly not least, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the A team of staff that we have managed to maintain over the years. Jenny and Kyle in the early days ; then Holly, Alex, Luke and Bridget helped take LPA to the next level and the current creme de la creme  – production supremos Dani and Lauren, marketing whizz Alexa, newest member and fab agency assistant Tom and of course the magnificent ‘accounts department’ Georgina who has been with us from the start.

And so, lets raise a toast to 10 years of LPA and commemorate with 10 anniversary images. An image for each year, each one will depict the traditional wedding anniversary material or gift for that year. Apparently as the years go on the gifts become more precious and durable – just like LPA! Also, just like a successful marriage, we know it takes a lot of hard graft and team work to keep doing what we do so well!

First up for year one is an image by Sam Stowell and the gift of paper! We’ll bring you more anniversary gifts each week so watch this space…

Year One/Paper

© Sam Stowell

Nick Daly / Life Agency / Nivea / Million Moments of Closeness

March 14, 2012

Last year Life Agency commissioned Nick Daly to shoot a new campaign for Nivea to celebrate the brand in it’s 100th year. The campaign was hugely successful and not only won the nation’s heart but was also won the Best Strategic Thinking Within A Campaign Award at the 2012 MAA Awards.

The brief was to shoot ‘Moments of Closeness’ between family and friends who had a real relationship. With LPA Production producing the shoot, Nick and his team ventured off to 5 cities in search of real people and real closeness. First stop, Birmingham, then Brighton, London, Edinburgh and finally, Cardiff.

Laura Gibson (Account Director at Life Agency) gives us her insight…

“Nick has a great approach to his work and it was a delight working with him and his team. The images have beautiful warmth to them, we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much to Nick and his team and to LPA for doing such a fantastic job on the production.”

Here is the ‘making of’ video and some of the images Nick captured.

© Nick Daly

Rowan Fee / Iris Worldwide /Shell LubeMatch

March 14, 2012

Iris Worldwide recently commissioned LPA Futures photographer Rowan Fee to shoot the new campaign for Shell LubeMatch. The advert is now being shown globally across all media, so keep a look out for it.

Great work Rowan!

Julian Calverley / Rufus Leonard / Bank of Scotland

February 29, 2012

A while ago, Julian was commissioned by Rufus Leonard to shoot a series of landscape images for the Bank of Scotland, specifically for use on their range of cards. They are now in public circulation, and so we are able to show the work.

The job was a real adventure for Julian and LPA Production, consisting of 11 days shooting, 2293 shutter actuations, 2175 road miles, 7 hotels, 2 road tolls, 1 ferry, 3 midge nets and very little sleep.

The landscapes that Julian captured were in some far flung locations but I think you’ll agree, the results are stunning!

Thanks to Lianne Rivett for her Art Direction and Michelle Methven at Location Scotland for her invaluable local knowledge.

© Julian Calverley


Nick David / Jupiter Design / Lifestyle Shoot

February 8, 2012

Here are some lovely pictures shot by Nick David for a high street retailer, commissioned by Jupiter Design. They are fun and vibrant lifestyle images that illustrate Nick’s naturalistic approach. The crew had a great time on the shoot which you can see from the fantastic behind the scene video shot by Jack Flynn.

LPA/Production arranged all shoot logistics, styling by Charlotte Williams (LPA/Style) and hair and make-up by Sam Norman (LPA/Style).

Behind the scenes video by Jack Flynn:

Pictures by Nick David:

© Nick David

© Nick David


Igor Emmerich / BBH / Hugmail

February 7, 2012

LPA Photographer Igor Emmerich was recently commissioned by BBH to shoot a campaign for Hugmail, a service that allows you to send personalised postcards with your own images on the front.

LPA/Production arranged all shoot logistics, styling by Alice Timms (LPA/Style) and hair and make-up by Sam Norman (LPA/Style).

Here are some of the before and after shots…

© Igor Emmerich

© Igor Emmerich


Olly Burn/Rapier/PruHealth

January 12, 2012

LPA/Futures photographer Olly Burn, was recently commissioned by Rapier to shoot a new campaign for PruHealth. The images had to be very real, charming, full of life and relaxing, to fit in with the ideals of PruHealth’s ‘Well Rewarded’ campaign.

LPA/Production arranged all shoot logistics, styling by Charlie Cave (LPA/Style) and hair and make-up by Ellie Tobin (LPA/Style).

Angus George, from the Creative Team at Rapier shares his positive shoot experience;

‘Olly was, quite simply, fantastic. Despite my rather scattered and vague direction he managed to produce an absolutely stunning set of images for us. Our job was hardly a glamorous one, but this didn’t seem to effect his commitment or enthusiasm for the project. When any sane person would have stood at the edge of the Serpentine in winter, he simply waded in camera and all. And as for LPA Production, they put together a great little crew who were relaxed, professional and good fun. Lets do it again soon.’

Olly Burn gives us his insight;

‘Thanks to a fantastic team and a lovely brief, the PruHealth shoot was great fun to work on. It was a real pleasure collaborating with the team at Rapier and being involved in their creative process. Seeing the finals shots on 48 sheets on the Underground was an amazing feeling, and a real testament to everyone involved.’

You might’ve spotted these on the Underground!…

Julian Calverley/Golley Slater/Welsh Lamb

November 16, 2011

Golley Slater were so impressed with Julian Calverley, they’ve commissioned him for another Welsh Lamb campaign.

The images below were shot in mid summer and used for print, press and online. LPA produced the shoot and Julian sourced the model, a real life Welsh Lamb farmer!

Richard Daughton, Senior Creative at Golley Slater tells us why Julian was the right photographer for the job:

”This is the third campaign I’ve commissioned Julian to shoot for Welsh Lamb. The first time I ever showed him a visual, he knew exactly where it was in Snowdonia and what route to take to get there. I think he even knew where he could get a good cup of tea on the way! His incredible attention to detail and breathtaking landscapes make him ideal for our work and I’m sure we’ll work together again soon.”

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

Michael Heffernan/Dynamo/eMobile/Behind The Scenes

November 4, 2011

Michael Heffernan was recently commissioned by Dynamo to shoot a library of images for eMobile. The two day shoot was produced by LPA Production, the models were all cast in Ireland and the shoot took place at South Studios in Dublin.

Here are some behind the scenes shots.


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