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Interview With Production Paradise

January 20, 2016

Just before Christmas Lisa was interviewed by Production Paradise to discuss photography, her career and ways to get more work.

Filmed here at Camden Park Studios, Lisa spoke to the Production Paradise team for a short video. Definitely worth a watch if you’re after tips for the year ahead.

LPA Pop Up Agent / Carmen Valino / Costa Coffee

March 31, 2015

Our Pop Up Agent service was recently called upon by photographer Carmen Valino to produce her shoot for Costa Coffee.

The experienced team here at LPA arranged everything from models and styling to location permits and photographer’s assistants. Shot on location in two central London branches of the coffee shop giant, we were there to ensure everything ran smoothly on the two days of shooting. So next time you get a brief, no matter how big or small, don’t forget we’re here to help! Here are a few of our favourite images from the shoot…

© Carmen Valino

© Carmen Valino

© Carmen Valino

COSTA22-12-2014-271 (more…)

The Brief / Addison Group / Perfetti Van Melle / Nick David

January 27, 2015

The Brief is a regular feature on the LPA blog which takes a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot, from brief to final images. For this edition we take you behind the scenes of Nick David’s recent Perfetti Van Melle shoot, even including a handy photoshoot glossary!

Photographer: Nick David
Client: Perfetti Van Melle
Agency: Addison Group
Art Director: Ben Baxter
Production: LPA Production
Stylist: Charlie Cave/ LPA Style
HMU: Claire Portman/ LPA Style
Shoot date: July 2014
Usage: Corporate website

Perfetti Van Melle are one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gum, and the brand behind household names such as Chupa Chups, Mentos and Fruitella. Their agency Addison Group approached us looking for a lifestyle photographer with a spontaneous feel to his work, and they certainly came to the right place as Nick David is amongst the best in the business!


© Nick David / Addison Group / Perfetti Van Melle


The brief called for seven key lifestyle shots, each featuring a different Perfetti Van Melle product. The client wanted the imagery to be fresh, genuine, bold and fun so we knew Nick was the perfect man for the job – a master of the natural and candid approach! Nick is also particularly gifted in capturing children being children (as you can see from the recent commissions below) which was an important part of this shoot.


© Nick David / Morrisons


© Nick David / Family & Childcare Trust

Addison Group and Perfetti Van Melle provided us with a very detailed brief stipulating preferred settings, activities, models and products and our original shot list looked like this:

1 – Young adults sharing/enjoying PVM products in a park (a – relaxed, b – excitable)
2 – Children interacting (a – still, b – playing)
3 – Parents treating children to PVM products (a – father and son, b – mother and daughter)
4 – PVM employees gesticulating with PVM product in their hands
5 – Various models eating/opening/blowing bubbles etc with PVM products
6 – Family having fun and enjoying/sharing PVM products
7 – Various models enjoying a beverage with a packet of Mentos Nowmints/Frisk


The brief required a full production so one of our producers Cassie set about putting together an estimate. We included:

Photographer’s fees and expenses:

• Shoot fees to reflect the usage and for a 1 day shoot
Recce fee
• Photographic expenses – digi-capture, post production and equipment & lighting


• Casting Director (to source suitable models 
via an online casting)
• Model fees (for 5x adults and 3x children)
Children’s performance licence fees
First Aider


• Location hire fee
Location library fee

Crew and their expenses:

• 1st Assistant
• Producer


• Wardrobe & props stylist (including prep & returns days)
• Hair & Make-up Artist
• Stylist and Hair & Make-up Artist’s expenses


• Catering costs
• Insurance, telephone, couriers etc.


Once we had received a PO approving the costs, we could commence on the preproduction.  Our ‘to do’ list looked something like this…

1)  Organise advance from client for shoot expenses.
2)  Confirm dates with Nick and the client.
3)  Send out brief to model agencies (including important client and usage details as well as the look of models and what they need to do).
4)  Prepare an online casting document which included pictures, sizes and agencies of all the shortlisted models we have selected.
5)  Addison and PVM to approve final models and LPA to confirm with model agencies.
6)  Confirm and brief crew.
7)  Confirm wardrobe and props brief plus sizes of models for the stylist.
8)  Prepare call sheets and send to everyone.


For this shoot we cast the models online which enabled the process to be really quick and efficient. However when conducting an online casting it’s important to double check that the models still look as they do in their images, and to ask the model agents for character recommendations. We had certain considerations to bear in mind at the request of the client, such as a broad representation of ethnicities, and also no child models under the age of twelve. We cast two adults, three young adults and three children.


Perfetti Van Melle’s original shot list required a variety of both indoor and outdoor scenarios which ranged from a park to a workplace. With this being a one day shoot, we had to find a versatile location which could convincingly represent each of the seven scenarios. We settled on a location house in East Finchley which could act as a family home whilst providing us with an appropriate space to simulate an office environment. It also had a large outdoor space which worked as both a garden and a park.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.46.57


LPA stylist Charlie cave and LPA hair and make-up artist Claire Portman both did a brilliant job as always.

The client wanted the wardrobe and props styling to be ‘casual, bold and vibrant’ to match the PVM branding, and we love the way Charlie has injected pops of colour in every shot to compliment the fun products. Here’s what she had to say about the shoot:

“PVM was a really nice shoot to work on with a great team, lovely client & shooting on location out in the sunshine. The wardrobe & props brief was very clear from the client, who wanted a summer feel & lots of kids garden toys. The shoot day went smoothly with the bonus at the end of the shoot that the outrageous amount of goodies that the client had brought with them had to be divided up between us.”

Hair and make-up artist Claire said:

“My requirements were for natural/summertime makeup and hair but it was a busy day as there were lots of models – both adults and kids.  It was a lovely day in July so it was great to be out in the garden for much of the day and there were certainly lots of sweeties around to keep our energy levels up in the afternoon!”

photo 5

Behind the scenes / Claire Portman (hair and make-up artist) and Rosalind Keep (stylist’s assistant).


“I had a great day shooting for PVM – makers of some of the biggest sweet brands including the legendary Chupa Chups lolly! We wanted to keep the shoot fairly loose which suits my style – this also helped with the children as they were able to relax and enjoy the day. We had great weather too which meant there was  plenty of opportunity to shoot outside. The main challenge was making sure we had covered all the different brands – Ben, Charlie and Rosalind did a great job making sure everything ran smoothly.” – Nick David

photo 4

Behind the Scenes / Nick David and models.

“I’ve always been a huge admirer of Nick’s portfolio. He captures excitement and genuine passion with such vibrancy – I knew he would be perfect for the Perfetti Van Melle brief. LPA’s meticulous planning and experience meant that everything ran without a hitch on the day. And a result, we got some absolutely fabulous shots and a very happy client.” Ben Baxter / Art Director

Here’s a selection of our favourite shots:


© Nick David / Addison Group / Perfetti Van Melle


© Nick David / Addison Group / Perfetti Van Melle


© Nick David / Addison Group / Perfetti Van Melle

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.44.34

© Nick David / Addison Group / Perfetti Van Melle


Advance: It is wise to obtain an advance of funds to pay for crew and expenses prior to the shoot.

Call Sheet: A document detailing all the important details on a shoot: where, when, who, plus contact numbers.

Children’s Performance Licence: Required for shoots involving models under the age of 18, obtained from the child’s local authority.

Digi-capture: The process of taking the photos on a photoshoot, capturing the images with a digital camera.

First Aider: This is legally required for shoots with children.

Location House: A property for hire for the photography, film and TV industries.

Location Library Fee: A database of locations which are available to hire for photoshoots. A fee is paid when you use a location from the database.

PO: A Purchase Order. A legally binding document from client to supplier detailing the exact services required, authorising costs and detailing all terms and conditions.

Post–production: Digital manipulation of the images after they have been taken.

Prep: (In this case with regards to the styling) Initial preparation for a shoot, e.g sourcing/ buying/ hiring clothing and props, as well as preparing moodboards and online research.

Preproduction: The production which takes place before a shoot happens, to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Recce fee: The photographer’s fee for time spent viewing potential locations prior to the shoot. This helps to plan lighting, logistics and to ensure everything runs smoothly on the shoot day.

Shot List: A prepatory list of shots the client wants to achieve during the shoot.

Talent: The models or people who are being photographed in a photoshoot.

The Brief / Anthony Nolan / NHS Stem Cell Registry Annual Review

July 25, 2014

The Brief is a quarterly feature on the LPA blog which takes a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot.


Photographer: Patrick Harrison

Client: Anthony Nolan

Title: Together for Better

Art Director: Dilhan Attanayake

Shoot dates: February 2014

Usage: Annual Review, UK, 1 year

This time we centre The Brief on a project Patrick Harrison has recently completed for UK Charity Anthony Nolan, the NHS and the Department of Health.  Having worked with Patrick previously, the client knew his natural reportage-style approach and knack for capturing his subjects in their own environments (see below) would make him perfect for the job.


© Patrick Harrison / East Village


© Patrick Harrison / GMC

The Brief:

The original brief from Dilhan Attanayake, the Creative Studio Manager at Anthony Nolan and Art Director for the shoot, was to produce a series of portraits for the Anthony Nolan and NHS Stem Cell Registry 2014 Annual Review.  Each portrait would capture a different person associated with the cause, from the chief executive of Anthony Nolan to donors themselves.  The purpose was to mark achievements made in stem cell transplantation so far, and to measure further progress that can be made.  The images needed to be natural and engaging, with a contemporary feel.

The Shoot Prep:

This involved:

Photographer’s Requirements:

• Photographic expenses for x 4 half day shoots – digi-capture, equipment and lighting kit, post-production


• Photographer’s 1st Assistant


• Expenses – Travel & mileage to Nottingham, Leicester, RAF Brize Norton and North London


• Couriers, mobile and production insurance

The Location:

It was decided that Patrick would shoot each subject in his or her own working environment, which saw him traveling across the country and meeting lots of interesting people affiliated with the cause.  Patrick’s ability to capture people in a spontaneous and genuine manner has resulted in final imagery that is sincere and anchors the message of the Annual Review perfectly.

Patrick shot the stem cell donors in Nottingham, Leicester and RAF Brize Norton, as well as shooting representatives from Anthony Nolan and the NHS in London.

The Shoot

This was a successful and enjoyable shoot for both Patrick and the client, who both commented on how smooth the process was.  Here Patrick reveals a bit about the things he needed to consider upon receiving the brief:

“This was a really nice portrait brief from Anthony Nolan. The client and the art director were present for the first shoot, which was the perfect opportunity to discuss how best to approach the other shoots as I would be doing these alone with an assistant.

We discussed that all the portraits would be used bleed on a single page A4 portrait format with no text so shooting with this in mind meant all the shots taken were usable. The tone of the portraits was the other major consideration. They needed to be focused and direct, capturing and communicating the strength and openness of all involved. The pictures would be used to encourage others to consider being a donor in the future so this wasn’t a light hearted brief. 

I love photographing real life stories and meeting new and inspiring people is always rewarding. My aim is always to make those people feel as special as possible, and to be sensitive to their wishes. This ultimately means making quick decisions about possible locations / backgrounds and working as a team with the assistant to put everyone at ease. The experience should appear to be effortless and should hopefully be rewarding and enjoyable for all and not like a bad trip to the dentist, which is probably what most people are expecting! 

The final images were printed beautifully and seeing them for the first time was really exciting, I don’t think I’ll ever lose that feeling!” 

Case Study 1:

Andrew Parry, Survival equipment fitter at RAF Brize Norton.


© Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Health

Case Study 2:

Zach Hughes, Fit Panel Member from Leicester.


© Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Health

Case Study 3:

Ross Kirk, Physics teacher from Mansfield.


© Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Health

Here’s what Dilhan had to say about working with Patrick:

“The right Imagery on this project was key to its success as we wanted to show how individuals from everyday backgrounds could, by a selfless act, save the life of a person with blood cancer, by donating their stem cells and registering as a donor on NHS Blood or the Anthony Nolan register. The individuals in the images taken by Patrick Harrison came from all walks of life and in this respect we wanted the images to reflect them and their surroundings in an honest, realistic way that Patrick’s captures effortlessly.

The team at LPA were fantastic from our initial conversation about the idea to the delivery of the final images, they made everything run so seamlessly that all we had to do was concentrate on making sure that we had a worthy design to marry Patrick’s beautiful images.”

photo 1

The Annual Review © Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Heath

photo 2

© Patrick Harrison / Anthony Nolan/NHS/Department of Health

Photoshoot Glossary

Art Director: Responsible for the overseeing the visual direction of the shoot.

Annual Review: A comprehensive report on an organisation’s activities throughout the preceding year, intended to give people information of key work, achievements and financial performance.

Digi-capture: The process of taking the photos on a photoshoot, capturing the images with a digital camera.

Post-production: Varies from light colour correcting to more complex retouching e.g colour treatments, multipart comping.

1st Assistant: The photographer’s right hand man on a shoot, who’s responsibility is to do all the tasks required so the photographer is free to concentrate on taking the pictures.  They would usually be quite involved in the lighting and digital downloading.


LPA Pop Up Agency Open Day

June 4, 2014

LPA hosted our very first Pop Up Agent Open Day last Wednesday, 21st May, where a variety of photographers came in to see us for advice regarding their portfolios and to learn more about the LPA Production service.

Lisa and Tom were on hand to give portfolio reviews, with expertise gathered over the years visiting numerous leading ad and design agencies with a variety of photographers books, whilst Lauren and Jonathan explained more about the LPA Production service.

Lisa offers a personalised portfolio review service at LPA, where she can offer an honest appraisal of your work and advice on marketing. The reviews are proving really popular amongst both established and up and coming photographers! Read more about them here.

Likewise the LPA Production service is gaining in momentum amongst unrepresented photographers who are looking for a hand with producing photoshoots. The team at LPA can take care of everything from estimating, to logistics of complex international shoots. If interested please don’t hesitate to get in touch. More information again here.


Above: Lisa talking to photographer Nick Carman

Testimonials from the day:

Thank you so much to you, Tom and Jonathan for your advice and feedback. It was an excellent opportunity to show my work to industry professionals, and it’s really nice to know that I am on the right tracks with my work. It was also good to have some honest impartial feedback about what to do for the future. When I need someone to help negotiate for a job in the future, I will definitely be coming your way! Hopefully see you again soon.

Tom Leighton

Thanks for the portfolio review and feedback Lisa Pritchard. Invaluable stuff! Cheers

Tom Broadbent

Just had a good meeting and portfolio review with these lovely folks at Lisa Pritchard. Thanks guys

Matt Humphrey


Above: Tom and Lauren talking to photographer Matt Humphrey

Keep an eye on our blog and social networks for the next Pop Up Agency Open Day!

LPA / Pop Up Agent Open Day / Wednesday 21st May

April 28, 2014



As one of the UK’s most well known agents, did you know LPA offers a unique ‘Pop Up Agent’ service to photographers who aren’t represented?

Two of the main benefits of having an agent are:

– We can give you some honest feedback on your portfolio, how suitable it is for the commercial market and how it might develop into more commissions.

– We can negotiate shoot fees, expenses and contracts and oversee all shoot logistics so you can just get on with taking the pictures.

LPA provides both these services to photographers without agents as part of its LPA Portfolio Reviews and LPA Production divisions.

For a full menu and price list of either of these ‘Pop Up’ Agent services please get in touch with us at

To give you a little taster of what we can offer, we are pleased to announce our first ever Pop Up Agent Open Day.

WHEN: Wednesday 21st May 2014
TIME: Slots between 10 am – 6 pm
WHAT: 15 minutes folio review followed by 15 minutes production chat


If you are interested please get in touch with us at
Places are limited.
Deadline is 7th May.
We’ll let you know by 9th May as to whether you have a slot.



The Portfolio Review element of the day is a taster of what a full length Portfolio Review at LPA would be like.

Each month Lisa Pritchard, founder of LPA, offers one to one sessions at the LPA HQ in central London, which entail an honest appraisal of your photography and photography brand. The only agent in town to offer this service, book your slot now as place are limited.

So, whether you’d just like a one hour general review, a serious editing job on your website or a full brand and marketing overhaul we can help.

Here is what photographer Nathan Gallagher had to say about the reviews:

“A visit to Lisa Pritchard Agency was exactly what I needed to help me progress as a photographer. I found their knowledge and experience invaluable and would recommend their service to anyone looking to move their photographic business forward.”


© Nathan Gallagher



During your one to one session the team will also explain more about LPA Production and what it can offer you.

Covering every element of your shoot, whatever the budget, timescale or nature of your project, just some of our services include:

– Estimating usage fees (as consultant or negotiator)
– Estimating production expenses
– Securing funds in advance
– Dealing with all paperwork from estimate to final invoice to client
– Scheduling, preproduction and shoot
– Hiring crew
– Casting
– Styling
– Location scouting
– Permits and releases
– Moving Image
– Travel and accommodation
– Catering
– Call sheets
– Post production
– Budget reconciliation/final billing
– Negotiating additional usage

We effortlessly take care of all the red tape leaving you to get on with the creative side!

Read more here about LPA Production services.


The Brief / Specsavers / Coochie Hart / Kerry Harrison

April 25, 2014

The Brief is a regular feature on the LPA blog which takes a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot. 


Photographer: Kerry Harrison
Client: Specsavers
Title: Little Angels and Little Monsters
Agency: Coochie Hart
Art Director: Michael Hutchinson
Production: LPA Production
Models: Sienna Rose White ( Top Talent) & Charlie Yhap (BMA)
Stylist: Alice Timms (LPA Style)
HMU: Claire Louise Mazik (LPA Style)
Shoot dates: March 2014
Usage: All print media & digital, to include but not limited to POS, DM, Posters, OOH, magazines, press, PR. ATL & BTL Worldwide,

When this fun brief came along from Specsavers, we knew LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison was perfect for the job.


© Kerry Harrison (more…)

LPA Production / Julian Calverley / Cygnus Associates / Interflora

March 10, 2014

In addition to representing some of the best photographers in the business, LPA also incorporates a full production company, LPA Production, to help with all of your shoot needs. Whether you need help with part of your shoot or the whole thing, our friendly and experienced team are ready to help. We thought we’d give you a little taste of a recent shoot to show you what we can do for you. 

LPA Photographer Julian Calverley was recently commissioned by Cygnus Associates to shoot some heartfelt and tender images for florist giant, Interflora. In addition to Julian’s great photography, we sought out help from other members of the LPA team to lend their experience and expertise. Over the course of the two day shoot, LPA producer Jonathon arranged all the nitty gritty shoot logistics from transport and accommodation to catering and invoicing – all those little things your really don’t want to be thinking about if you’re shooting.

LPA Style’s Alice Timms sourced wardrobe and occaison-themed props (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day) for 9 models for the shoot whilst Victoria Poland provided the natural hair and make-up looks, making sure all the models had a natural glowing warmth!

We appreciate that every shoot is different and our years of combined experience mean that we really have dealt with everything so why not send us through a brief and see what we can do for your shoot, whether you’re commissioning or getting commissioned.

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

© Julian Calverley

The Brief / Edwardian Group London / ED.G.E. / Saatchi Masius / Iain Crockart

February 27, 2014

The Brief is a quarterly feature on the LPA Blog that takes a behind the scenes look at what goes into a photoshoot, from brief to final images. This month we bring you a clever campaign for Edwardian Group London’s training school ED.G.E. We even include a handy photoshoot glossary!

Photographer: Iain Crockart
Client: Edwardian Group London
Agency: Saatchi Masius
Design Director: Joseph Luffman
Account Director: Adam Brani
Account Manager: Tom Rudge
Usage: Recruitment campaign for Edwardian Group London training school (ED.G.E) plus internal posters, website and induction materials.

The Brief

LPA Photographer Iain Crockart was commissioned by Saatchi Masius for a great little campaign for the Edwardian Group London Training school ‘ED.G.E’. Known for photographing ‘real people’ in real environments but also used to big productions with a shoot crew, Iain was the perfect man for the job.


© Iain Crockart

”Essentially we want to shoot EGL hotel employees (from chefs and porters through to management) with props that help to develop a narrative about key ‘behaviours’ that EGL want to promote. So an example could be a chef holding a map of Italy, to promote passionate behaviour. The narratives are currently being developed and we’d be interested in sharing the early drafts with you at some point, to get your input on how we can use props and lighting to best support the stories.

We’re hoping that we can shoot in around 3/4 weeks time and I’m estimating that we’ll need around 2 days.

To get the ball rolling from our side, my colleague Tom Rudge will be in touch to ask about day rates etc and as we move forward we can hopefully book in a kick-off meeting with you.”

Joe Luffman, the Design Director at Saatchi Masius initially told Iain. (more…)

LPA Production / Rowan Fee / Cubo

January 23, 2014

In addition to representing some of the best photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists in the business, don’t forget we also offer a full production service, LPA Production. 

Our in house production team and solid roster of freelance crew not only provides support to our own photographers but also a variety of other clients and offers a Pop up Agent service. Our clients include commissioners of photography from advertising and design agencies to overseas photographers to photographers without agents. Whether you need urgent costs for a complex shoot, or would just like us to schedule and attend a production, our talents are varied!

To give you a little taste of what we can do, we thought we’d share a recent production for advertising agency Cubo.

Still-life supremo Rowan Fee was commissioned to shoot an image for one of Cubo’s clients. We cast a hand model for the shoot and sourced the perfect studio. In addition we took care of the nitty-gritty, sorting all the paperwork and making sure everything ran on time and within budget. ‘From a production point of view, the shoot was relatively straightforward. However, as we had just three days to turn the shoot around, deadlines were tight and we had to be at the top of our game to make sure everything was perfect and to the client’s high standards’ says LPA Producer Jonathon Nixon.




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