LPA Futures / Gerwyn Davies / Paradise

July 11, 2014

LPA Futures Gerwyn Davies has been working on his fantastical ‘Paradise’ project, creating some surreal new work in his inimitable style.

Known for his expansive imagination and costume design abilities which rival that of his photography skills, Gerwyn’s new work is perhaps our favourite yet. With a real nod to drag and performance art, we can’t wait to see what comes out of his head next!

© Gerwyn Davies

© Gerwyn Davies

© Gerwyn Davies

LPA Futures / Holly Pickering / Motoyogo

July 9, 2014

Though the weather may not be glorious, we’re going to get you in the summer mood with this sunny shoot from LPA Futures Holly Pickering

Serving organic frozen yoghurt across London, Holly captured the Motoyogo team in their converted electric milk float at Kerb Southbank, a monthly street food market held at the Southbank Centre. Holly’s great eye for details and rustic styling works perfectly with the brand and we love the action shots! Now we just need a bit more sun to get out and have a taste!

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering

© Holly Pickering


LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / Captain Fawcett Limited

July 3, 2014

LPA photographer Iain Crockart recently shot these stills from a short film for Captain Fawcett Limited at Carter Steam Fair.

Iain’s fondness for facial hair has become something of a theme in his work of late – his side project Captain Fawcett Limited has become hugely successful as a “purveyor of the finest quality gentleman’s grooming requisites”.  The film was created to promote their Expedition Strength Moustache Wax and portrays a strongman who thought he had lost his strength until he discovered the product.

The authenticity of Iain’s vintage aesthetic here ensures the resulting images are convincing and captivating in equal measure.  Looking forward to seeing the finished film, great work!

Sir Leopold 01-72dpi© Iain Crockart

Sir Leopold 02 72dpi

© Iain Crockart


LPA Photographers / Julian Love / The Moorings

July 3, 2014

LPA photographer Julian Love was recently commissioned to shoot these beautiful images for luxury yacht charter company The Moorings

Julian shot the images over 6 days against the stunning backdrop of the British Virgin Islands, traveling around Tortola, Peter Island, Norman Island and Virgin Gorda on three 50ft catamarans.  Making fantastic use of the natural Caribbean sunlight, Julian’s fresh and vibrant aesthetic captures the beauty of the islands perfectly.  The results are certainly getting all of us at LPA in the holiday mood!


© Julian Love


© Julian Love


© Julian Love

LPA Photographers / Patrick Harrison / Conran Design / CRUK

June 30, 2014

LPA Photographer Patrick Harrison was recently commissioned by Conran Design to shoot fifteen stories for the Cancer Research UK Annual Review.

From Stirling to Southampton, Patrick travelled the length of the British Isles to shoot some truly inspirational people. Known for his sensitive and considered approach, Patrick is gifted at maintaining a narrative throughout his projects. Beautiful work as always Patrick.

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison

© Patrick Harrison


Ask an Agent / Student Exploitation?

June 27, 2014

Ask an Agent is a regular monthly column that answers all your dilemmas about the business of photography – a sort of photography agony aunt. Whatever area of the industry you are in, if you have any questions you’d like to ask please send them to askanagent@lisapritchard.com


Dear Ask an Agent,

I’ve just been approached at my end of year show by a business who would like to commission me to shoot some images for their advertising. Whilst I find that very flattering, they are only offering minimal expenses (travel,subsistence etc) and no fee, should I at this stage of my career accept something like this? The end usage is quite extensive and includes packaging, brochures, point of sale and web, but not only that they actually want ‘outright ownership of images’. I’m worried if I say no I’ve blown my chances of having them as a future client.

A Photography Graduate 

Thanks for getting in touch about that and congrats on your photography degree. This is pretty cheeky and not really on.

Very occasionally it’s worth accepting a job for no fee, for example if it’s an amazing brief that’s perfect for your book, full shoot expenses are paid and there’s a really good reason why there is no fee ( maybe it’s a charity or a very good cause or a test shoot for an unlaunched company). It doesn’t sound like this is one of those occasions. Aside from that you should never assign ownership of images (see an earlier Ask an Agent on Copyright). And that old chestnut of the promise of more work in the future rarely comes off in my experience.

Reading between the lines someone in the marketing department has come up with what they probably think is a genius idea, ‘Hey I know what, we can headhunt graduate talent at the final degree shows, and they’ll be so excited and flattered to be given the opportunity to work with a big brand that they won’t want a fee, it’s a win win situation’.

© Andy Smith

Well the thing is, it’s unreasonable to the point of being exploitative. Even though you have only just graduated and may not have a long list of clients (yet!) your work still has a value, which is why they want it all over their marketing communications. I’m sure the marketing department aren’t working on this for free, neither are the graphic designers that have designed the packaging or the web developers, not to mention the printers who are printing the brochures or the point of sale material. And we haven’t even gone onto the fact that your amazing photography might end up being integral to their sales and profit, and they don’t feel that you should be paid?!

So I would advise you politely telling them how you intend to run your business professionally. Pointing out what is standard industry practice – to be paid a fee that reflects the usage and not to assign copyright. Inform them that you want to protect your business and integrity, establish a standard and only accept fee paying jobs. Offer to prepare a full and professional estimate for shoot fees including usage, plus all shoot and production expenses. And ask them how they would like to progress.

At best you may educate them, at worst you may need to walk away from a job that’s not worth doing and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

Keep me posted, but if any students are reading this in a similar situation, don’t sell your self short!

Please Note:

We reserve the right to shorten questions due to space constraints.

We reserve the right not to enter into ongoing correspondence.

We reserve the right not to answer all questions.

Please state whether you would like to remain anonymous.

This advice should be taken as a guide only. Lisa Pritchard and LPA take no responsibility for any omissions or errors. Please seek professional legal advice should you require it.

5 Mins With… / Cassie Gale / LPA Producer

June 25, 2014

This month we spent five minutes catching up with our new LPA producer, Cassie Gale, to see how she got into the industry and what her guilty pleasures are. Here is what she had to say…

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.40.40

- Tell us a bit about yourself Cassie?
I hail from Yorkshire originally and studied Fine Art Photography at Manchester Metropolitan University. But I was tempted South by the bright lights of London as soon as I had finished my degree to pursue a career in photography.

- How did you get into the photography industry?
For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be in the industry and was fortunate enough to spend three years producing for the fabulous Gary Salter.

- How have you found time at LPA so far?
Amazing and hilarious, a great class room for learning more about the industry and honing my skills.

© Julian Calverley


LPA Style / Claire Portman / Superdrug / 50 Years of Beauty Looks

June 23, 2014

Health and beauty giant Superdrug are currently celebrating their 50th year in business and have put together this great short.

Taking inspiration from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s, LPA Style Claire Portman put these eye-catching retro make-up looks together to capture the spirit of the Superdrug brand. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I think we’re going to go for the 80s.

LPA In Focus / New Photographers

June 19, 2014


LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / FCB Spain / Master’s Gin

June 18, 2014

LPA Futures Oliver Haupt was recently commissioned by FCB Spain to shoot this vintage style campaign for Master’s Gin. 

Shot on location throughout Spain, Oliver was commissioned to capture both the past and present of the brand and we love the results. Oliver’s also a master of post-productipn, manipulating the images to give them a real historic feel.

Apparently smashing the Gibson guitar was easier said then done and Oliver nearly had to cut in half before the final shots! Definitely will be having a gin and tonic tonight to celebrate his results.

© Oliver Haupt

© Oliver Haupt

© Oliver Haupt

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